What are the best armor and color combo?

What do you think is the best armor and color combination in Halo Reach?

I don’t think there’s a best combination, but I like how my Spartan looks. My colors are red (brick) for the primary, and gold as the secondary. As for the armor, I use Emile’s helmet (EVA ) with a gold visor. I also really like the Collar/Grenadier chest and the Secruity right shoulder (with the big knife). Everything else is just kinda randomly thrown in there.

It should be based on how you want it to look (and what you can actually buy) because the spartan is a part of you, don’t make it try to look like everyone else.

I change my colour every time I change my armour and right now I use Gold and very little. I switched to the female voice so as to make less noise while moving (???), my gear is jet pack shoulders, no utility, no wrist, before it was kats helmet, now it’s pilot. Black visor before, now blue. Small knee pads, no leg or wrist support, small shoulders, Collar/Breacher [R] for less appearance, took off pestilence to make me harder to see.

Steel/pale yellow highlights, default helm, Tacpad and leg case thing, no huge knifes and padded shoulders, no bells and whistles, no chrome spinners, hydraulics or plasma TVs and no whizzdongler doodads.

Dont mind me, just being a boss.

I try to kept most aspects minimal and colors as dark as possible. I don’t won’t to attach attention.