What are Promethean weapons good at?

Human weapons are great against health, Covenant weapons are good at dropping shields, so what are Promethean weapons good at?

has nothing, they are boring to play.

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> has nothing, they are boring to play.

Ah, I see. Thanks for responding

They are good at nothing. They just had to give their shiny new enemy something to use without putting any thought or depth into it. They’re only useful temporarily if there’s nothing else in the vicinity. Swap out whenever you can.

Promethean weapons are sort of a middle ground between covenant and human weapons.

makes sense seeing as covenant weapons are reverse engineered from forerunner tech

In 5, they were good for auto locking on promethean weak points. In 4, we had a pocket shotgun. That’s about it.

As others have said, the Promethean are mostly useless. They are just filler weapons to be used by a new faction.

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> As others have said, the Promethean are mostly useless. They are just filler weapons to be used by a new faction.

Eh, that’s kind of stupid

There good for nothing, and I wish that was a joke.

The Light Rifle variable rates of fire basically acting as both the BR and DMR. The Incineration Cannon has basically 2 AoE explosions, one on impact with follow-up explosives the litter the ground around impact. The Bolt Shot Is a sidearm that let’s you charge up a shot package for a one shot kill in most scenarios.

The Scatter Shot is generic and the Suppressor is a truely useless weapon. Doing Forerunner LASO was annoying only because that garbage weapon was the most available in that level. I blame it’s existence on the lack of better tools

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yo creo que es porque en algunas misiones estamos llenos de fourrones y tendrian muchas balas,aparte es un punto medio entre bajar salud y escudos

The main use of the Promethean weapons has varied at bit between Halo 4 and Halo 5. In Halo 4, it could be viewed as an energy weapon effective against shields while in Halo 5, they introduced the concept that hardlight weapons are effective against vehicles.

Halo 4’s development was very rushed, so it’s not all 343’s fault that the Forerunner weapons turned out so boring and rubbish. None of them really are unique. They had the opportunity to go make the next Needler, Energy Sword, or Brute Shot (not copies of those, just in the same creative vein) but instead just made copies of existing weapons in orange. 5 had more time, and they still didn’t make them more interesting. 4’s story was fantastic but the Prometheans were not fun to fight and neither were their weapons.