What are Easy/fast ways to get credits?

I’ve been playing reach a lot but there are still so many things i want to get. (MK.VI Helmet, MK.V shoulders, golden visor). So whats a good way to get credits without boosting?

Custom challenges are probably your best bet. Heres a few videos that might help you out.

Campaign custom challenges

Firefight custom challenges

Matchmaking custom challenges

If you want to do them in MM then Grifball and team Objective have the best credit payouts.

To get them though:-

In grifball you need to be on the winning team,and score the bomb in sudden death 3 times for massive performance bonus payouts.

In team objective you need to be on the winning team and score your bombs or flags in sudden death as well for a massive performance bonus as well.

They ramped up the performance bonus payouts about 12 months ago and stuffed it up. It was meant to payout good performance bonuses for a winning team that scored their bombs and flags quickly but stuffed it up so you actually have to play the 4 min round and score in sudden death to get a good payout.

As a guide if an inheritors team score 3 bombs in sudden death and the game went for the full five rounds(ie: the other team scored 2 bombs)the inheritor would get about 20,000+ credits for the teams efforts. No other game type offers you as much credits for time invested in playing the game. A general would get around 10,000 for the same effort.