what are custom custom?

when creating a custom challenge, in the options of challenge TYPE, one of the options is custom.

what is a custom custom challenge ?

is that a custom FF game type?

custom/edited map that has X for its challenge?

can any one clear that up for me?

I think it’s anything other than matchmaking (incl Firefight matchmaking) and campaign.

so a custom custom of lets say Kill 100 brute Inf, that could be done in ANY game type including a custom made FF game?

or could you give an example if im not understanding you correctly

can any one clear it up a bit more?

ok so i just played the mission exidous sp and a custom FF game.

i have a custom custom challenge set up to kill 100 brute inf just as a test.

i still have no count for kills in it so whats the deal?

what games count for the custom custom ones?

it means custom games :confused:

but custom games doesnt have the covies in them, so why the hell are they even an option for some thing that can be killed?