what am i doing wrong?

Ive been playing Halo since Halo 3 and im a pretty good player i used to play competitive a bit but anyways ive recently returned to halo 5 after playing fallout 4 and for the past few weeks ive just been raging my games are so inconsistent one game its 25-3 next its like 5-17 and then like 10-9 or 9-10 i expect myself to at least go positive every game like i used to am i just not used to the game as much as others or am i just bad all the sudden i have no clue has anyone else felt this way?

it takes adjusting to get use to, also depending on what playlist you are playing and if you are unranked, the game will pit you with ppl below, same and above your skill level to try and determine what rank best fits you. not saying its always entirely accurate at that either. also if you havent been playing for a few weeks while majority of others have they are gotten better at the game while you stayed where you were. just keep playing and you ll be back to where you were before you took a short break

I had a lot of matches like that, some would be horrible, some would be close and a few would be blow outs. The servers try and match you with the same category, but if there aren’t enough players in that one them it expands to others. If you are in bronze and it only picks up 2ppl, then it moves up to the next level and so forth. They wanted the games to start faster so ppl aren’t spending 10 minutes waiting for a match.

I feel you OP I have the same problem, lol! But kihn x ju has a point. That’s all we can do to be better is just play and practice. See what other people are doing well and try to emulate it. Good luck to you!

Thanks guys! Ive just been grinding trying to get back into it

one thing that helps a lot is playing custom games if you have a buddy or few to play with. especially octagon. thats one of the best game modes to practice strafing and getting perfect kills with precision weapons. duck hunt will help with sniping. and there are so many

I am always inconsistent lol. One day I am actually surprised with my playstyle but the day after I can be absolutely awful. Really awful. I play the same way I have always done, dumb rushing, bad decisions and terrible aiming but still really enjoy the Halo games. I am not really focused on positive k/d and what not. Just playing for fun. I believe some players will think I just got my first Halo game for christmas haha.

As Halo 3 player I have noticed…

1.Spartan movement especially strafing is slower due to the new mechanics and as a result medium and long strafing is not viable in Halo 5. I would suggest watching a couple of movement /strafing videos.

  1. As a matter of personal preference, I would suggest turning acceleration down to 2.0. and rocking a relatively low sensitivity 3-6 ish. For me its easier to predict crosshair movement with less acceleration. Unless the changes you make feel terrible I would also suggest playing at least 10-20 matches between changing settings.

Strafing isn’t as effective as it is in other games but it still has an impact. My controller settings are:

Dead Zones: 0 for both
Sensitivity: 4
Look Acceleration: 2-3 (depends how I’m feeling that day lol)
Control scheme: Fishstick

It’s all personal preference though. Learning how to crouch strafe is also helpful.

OP, I have the same damn problems. I can obliterate the entire other team, or do piss poor. It just depends.