What aim acceleration do you use?

Well, this is basically my first Halo multiplayer and I dont remember if the “Aim acceleration” was before in previous Halo games…anyway, the default one is 3, but Id like to know which one are you using and why. I guess lower acc is better aim but less movility (?) since I’ve seen many pros using acc 1 or acc 2.


i used 4 with 6 sen. 0% deadzones and adjust deadzones on my elite con.

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> i used 4 with 6 sen. 0% deadzones and adjust deadzones on my elite con.

What do you mean with adjust deadzones on your Elite? I got an Elite too and Im just curious

deadzone adjustments in the app. adjust to dead spots with the trigger stops.

Ive set my sensitivity to 3 and my aim acceleration to 1.

From what I’ve heard you want the Deadzones and aim acceleration as low as possible with out losing control.

I’ve seen:

  • 1,5,5 - 3.5, 3.5, 5 - 4,2 - 4,3 - 3,1 It’s all personal, I switch my sense up for different game types to be honest. Also depends on your playstyle as well.

I play everything maxed out so 10 sensitivity and 5 acceleration.

vertical 5
horizontal 5.5
acceleration 3

For me, it was whatever I got used to. I tried most of them and finally left them at the default. I set my Elite to smooth.

10 Sensitivity, 3 acceleration.

3 sensitivity. 5 acceleration

I just went back to all default on my elite. 2 sense, 3 accel

4 sensitivity
2 acceleration

I have seen a massive jump in my performance since I changed it.