What achievements do you want?

So they’ll probably have the standard achievements. Beat each level, beat the game on all difficulties, probably some for the terminals. Aside from that kind of stuff what do you want?

Personally I feel they should have some achievements for finding the thirst grunt, maybe one for switching between the graphical settings and finding “The Siege of Madrigal” track in the “Assault on the Control Room” level.

An Achievement along the lines of “Sorry, no sword for you” would be funny for when you kill you first sword wielding Elite referencing how you couldn’t use the sword in Combat Evolved. Something like “Over Powered” or “Hand Canon” would be a nice achievement name for killing a hunter with a single pistol shot to the back.

“Keep your friends close and your shotguns closer” would be funny for completing the Library in co-op. “Two Spartans, One Achievement” would be a funny achievement for beating the campaign in co-op. An achievement called “Why it’s rated M” for when you first encounter the flood would be a reference to claims of the flood being the main reason the original Halo was rated M.

I hope they have lots of secrets. I also want there to be at least 40 achievments. I want Legendary achievements, and like “Find the secret grunt” kind of stuff.

Which also brings up a good issue, how is the achievements (if any) for the multiplayer maps going to work with Halo Reach?

Achievements I want to see:

It’s Not Loaded
Complete the campaign on normal or harder without firing a single shot with the magnum.

Sheila Loves You
Kill 20 enemies with the Scorpion tank during the mission “Assault on the Control Room”.

Back To Basics
Kill 100 enemies with the assault rifle during the campaign on normal or harder.

With Friends on the Couch
Complete any campaign mission in split-screen co-op.

If They Begged To Hear Me Come
Kill 5 enemies during any one mission while using active camo.

No-Fly Zone
Shoot down the two Banshees at the beginning of the level “Halo” on normal or harder.

Shields Intact
Finish the mission “The Pillar of Autumn” on normal or harder and still have at least some of the overshield left you picked up.

Complete the mission “The Library” on heroic or harder, solo, and without dying.

Getting ready for the sequel… Again.

Complete everything in Halo CE [all achievements].