What Achievements are broken?

I recall that there were some achievements that were “Broken” with the Anniversary achievements.

Is this true? I think the infection ones are broke at least. OR do they have to be on a certain map?

They’re not broke, they’re just map and gametype specific. The maps rarely come up and the specific gametypes usually isn’t voted for.

Anniversary has an Infection achievement for killing 3 humans in one round. The problem is that in the Anniversary playlist you can only play that gametype in Rumble Pit, with 7 players.

The new defiant and anniversary achievements can only be achieved on their respective map-packs.

Anyway, it does seem they are broken at times. I have had trouble with unlocking the achievement, and I know others have. I once got the one that requires you to kill someone with the sticky they stuck you with twice in a single game, and never unlocked the achievement (I eventually had to get a friend to help me). Really, you can either pray to get them legit, or get a friend or friends to help you.