What About the Other Features??

You guys are all shook up whether or not you think 343 is going to get multiplayer right, you forgot about Forge or Custom games. Since this is 343’s first Halo game, it will probably look very different, feel different too. Are you expecting it too look like Reach’s or Halo 3’s Forge? Cause last time I checked, Bungie made that game. So I’m expecting Forge to look completely different than past games.

What about Custom games? Will we still be able to make such fun, creative games we’ve made in the past? I just hope 343 doesn’t get too carried away about that this is their game and they want to make it their way that they take away all the stuff we’ve grown to love.

We didn’t forget it, its just that if the core gameplay is awful then forge and customs really don’t matter because they won’t be played.

While Forge and Costums will play a role in Halo 4, 343i is currently busy having to deal with the multiplayer online part.

343 has a very hard job, make a halo game that feels like a classic halo game as well as change and make a new game thats innovative. Halo is always been about doing the next big thing and remaining innovative.

Pretty sure frankie said they have some special plans for forge fyi.