What about the carbine?

Ive been seeing that a lot of people want the BR in Halo 4. I agree that they should put the BR in H4. But what about the carbine? Should they put the carbine from Halo 2 and 3 or should they put the needle rifle from Reach?

I loved the Carbine from Halo 2. It sounded sweet and was fun to use. I’d rather see something similar to that one, or even a similar gun to the H3 Carbine than the Needle Rifle.

Less things reminding me of Reach, the better.

An adapted Carbine. Make it a little stronger, with a slightly slower fire-rate. Same overall kill time 1v1, but more beneficial in multi combat situations.

EDIT- I should say, same kill time in regards to whatever other Precision weapon (presumably a BR) is included. I was basing my idea off of how it worked compared to the BR in H3.

Yes do it!

I loved the Carbine from Halo 2; it was probably my favorite weapon.

I was always a big fan of the Carbine, it’s one of my favorite Covenant weapons.

You seem to be forgetting about the ODST carbine. Anyways, I’d like either the H2 carbine or the ODST carbine. Both could do major damage.

I don’t need a supercombine explosion. And I definitely don’t need excessive spread. The H3 carbine and Reach needle rifle are underpowered on their own.

Did you guys forgot that Frankie daid no covenant weapons in H4?

> Did you guys forgot that Frankie daid no covenant weapons in H4?

Where did he say that? And please don’t say on NeoGaf.

When did he say that? Link please?

> Did you guys forgot that Frankie daid no covenant weapons in H4?

That made me sad face. I want my Needler and Carbine. :frowning:

I want it back,or at least a forerunner version of it.

It was the only weapon able to outmatch the BR in the hands of a skilled player.

That’s an excellent question and one that’s rarely discussed, OP.

I love the Halo 2/3 Carbine, however Reach’s Needle Rifle is also an awesome weapon. If the Carbine could cause explosions with enough hits, just like the Needle Rifle, it’d be really badass. If I had to choose one, however, I’d go with the Carbine.

I want H3 and H2 Guns… with some new ones :smiley:

The carbine was a good weapon in halo 3 except for the most part it was hardly used because the BR was the better medium range weapon.

there were only 4 covenant weapons in halo 2 i liked and 5 in halo three. the carbine was at the top of both those lists