what about the -- busted helm's -- they already exist

okay back in one of bungie’s vidocs

they meantioned how they got busted versions of every single variant of all the helms in the game.

so will these helms ever make a debut in the game

or is it just something that we could only dream to use outside of the campaign commercial

I mean think aout it everyone any and all variant having a busted and damaged version.

something to spend credits on indeed.

Please comment

I’m surprised the busted versions of the helmets werent used. I think it would have looked great if they swapped to a damaged helmet when you got headshotted or blown up. I think it’d look weird to enter battle with a broken helm, but if they could show the damage on a dead spartan model when they recieve extreme damage it’d be great.

I think the only purpose for those busted helmets was so at the end when you saw the helmet with the bullet hole through the visor they could make it look like the one you are wearing when you play that level.

I think that was the only purpose, and that is one place they all can get used. I don’t think it was ever intended live players be running around the map with the helmets that have the bullet hole in the face plate.

They have all of the variants rendered as videos for the cutscenes, not for actual use…

I do not think that they render videos for cutscenes. they are animations and sounds and stuff.

They could make it to where your helmet flies off when you get headshotted, with the damaged helmet, but instead of a face, you only have another helmet.

The “Busted helmets” are simply a render of the player’s helmet with the cracked visor. The cracked visor differs with several other helmets, but only functions with the two cutscenes it is featured in. While it would be nice to be able to purchase that effect, it is sadly not programmed into the armory or to be compatible with actual gameplay.