What about Social?

Don’t get me wrong, my favourite aspect of Halo is running in teams of 4s and playing against another team of even skill.

But quite a lot of the time, I don’t have my usual team of four and am instead given the choice to either endure Warzone or take on teams of four of my skill base where I am teamed up with three degenerates.

The simple solution to this is social playlists of something which actually resembles Halo but that makes a little too much sense I suppose.

On the way.

> Additionally, social playlists - one of which will be Big Team Battle - will arrive with this next update. Limited join-in-progress windows will be turned back on to allow for full matches of vehicular mayhem at (nearly) all times, and as a note, all social playlists will feature appropriate join-in-progress windows. We know you also want a mix of non-BTB social modes, and we’ll have a mix of currently available modes in a social playlist too - more on that next week.

You know what else makes sense?

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