What About Machinima?

This just now came into my thoughts about Halo 4.
What about Machinima?
We had Weapon Lowering in Halo 2, but there was an exploit with an unfair advantage.
In Halo 4, I would LOVE to see a weapon lowering option on Xbox LIVE.
It may or may not be difficult to do, but if 343i is thinking of anything else to add to the game. That would be it.
Weapon Lowering, and helping the Machinima Community.

  • Timmy

Perhaps something like a command that has to be entered through text or maybe a button combo that can only be used in custom games. It seems if they incorporate it into online play, no matter how funny and random it would be, it would never happen. In Halo 3 it didn’t happen, in Halo: Reach it didn’t happen, I fear it won’t happen again…