What about Halo 5?

Curious if any of the Reach crowd is following the things happening over at Halo 5, or maybe busy installing the latest update and playing it. What are your impressions when you compare it to Reach?

Halo 5 is subpar in my opinion, without

  • Armor effects - Precise customization - Great Firefight - Good infection (I’m afraid I’m not into this hype train) - Split screen (for the most part) - Playable ElitesJust to name a few, it doesn’t look promising. And with the early release of H5 and its delays in DLC and fixes, it isn’t enticing in my opinion. I had purchased Halo 5, returned it the same store trip.
    Halo Reach, even with a distant campaign from its set canon reeled my interest in Halo in comparison to Halo 5s campaign.

H5s Campaign wasn’t put out “as advertised”.However the new Halo Reach implementations are enticing, I hope the Noble 6 default armor set is available in H5 once the new update arrives.

I enjoy playing Halo: Reach, even now. It doesn’t get stale.
While H5s new update looks great, I’m afraid I’ll be spending my leisure time with Destiny’s April Update & Reach.

I agree with angel on this. Halo 5 was highly sub par in comparison to halo reach. I never bought halo 5 after the halo 4 and MCC debacles. All I played of halo 5 was during the beta and I wasn’t impressed then and the end results when the game released didn’t make me want to go but it myself.

The issues were for me as follows:

-worst campaign in halo history, without a doubt. Also it was highly misleading from the trailers.
-Locke is the main character for some reason.
-multiplayer has a lot of fluff in it(charge, slide, ground pound, etc.) and highly questionable changes that really don’t stick to halo’s roots.
-no playable sangheili for multiplayer, which was the biggest request by the community for halo 5, which got ignored.
-forge wasn’t available from the get go like it should have been, splitscreen was removed for no reason.
-art design is still bad, again despite the communities rather explicit dislike regarding most of it.
-aimdown sights, which actually break canon somewhat.
-Microsoft is desperate to get your money with the cash grab REQ packs. Watch angry joe, he sums the req packs up best.

but the overall reason that I don’t like halo 5 is it shows where halo’s going and how it’s gradually ceasing to be the franchise it once was. I have some hope for halo wars 2, but I’m not holding my breath on it though.

For the most part, I’m severly toning down how much Halo 5 I play, and switching over to Reach.

In Reach, I can still earn things (like armor, ranks). I can then take these things into campaign if my friends ever want to play, and when we do play together I actually have them as well. It isn’t so with Halo 5 that has NO offline modes other than campaign.

Halo 5 also has a disturbing lack of features. I liked the campaign honestly, and the base of the multiplayer is very solid. But everything else isn’t good. The maps aren’t memorable. The armory is horrific. It’s online only. None of my friends really play (not exactly a “lacking feature” but oh well). The launch content (and arguably, the current content) is less than any other Halo game before it (despite a 3 year development). There is no split-screen.

Halo 5 could be great, but it wasn’t it and it won’t be - at least not in time. I went all out for the release of Halo 5, because it may be my last major Halo launch before forced adulthood (I’m 25), but it ultimately disappointed. I’ve played more Reach than 5 lately, and I’m going to trend that way until Gears 4 and HW2.

I still enjoy Reach, due to the greatest Infection mode in the series and the Forge/Custom Game capabilities.
Also Reach had the best UI in the Halo series in my opinion, and Bungie nailed pretty much everything in terms of customisation.

Customization (you can actually tell what the armour looks like in the game) Infection, Jetpack, Everything.