what about giving us rocket race from h3

I’d like to see rocket race game back as social playlist

It wouldn’t be the same with the rider sitting backwards, which is one of the few gripes I have about the game. Minor, I know. Would still be fun though.

I haven’t been able to play this game mode before. How does it work? Is it fun?

u ride round on gooses 2players ur passenger has unlimited rockets its a race to like a stronghold as soon as first team there they get a point and the stronghold spawns somewhere else randomly so u race there while all the passengers r trying to shoot all the others gooses

That is pretty cool. That would be an awesome game mode to implement.

It should be done on ONI Gungeese. That way the driver has an offensive capability that takes quite a bit of skill to use effectively

I would love to see this in an action sack playlist of sorts.

def on gungoose

are any of u guys forgers that could make it and share

Sorry no. But what you could do is visit this link (Forge), to go to a website where forgers post various maps. From the main page you can go to “Forums.” From there you need to make an account, and then you can ask a forger for assistance. You also might need to get in touch with a forger via Xbox Live, to explain the specifics of the game mode. Good luck!