What a terrible challenge to have

Seriously 343, do you even bother thinking how this works out in game play?

Revive 3 in Attrition.
Sounds basic, but what it leads to is players literally doing nothing but hindering their own team, waiting to get those revives so they can move to the next step. I find myself having to “not try” so that my team dies enough to get to the revive point, instead of use getting to it as the round ends due to finishing the team.

If I start by kiling the enemy team, they run out of lives before my team, and I don’t get to revive anyone.
So i have to literally not kill people, and either kill myself, or hope my team gets on board so I can revive, which weakens our gameplay significantly.

WTF 343. Seriously, you can’t limit to 1 challenge for this event at a time and lock it down at things like this - that require you to NOT PLAY in order to get it done.


You could just be less of a -Yoink!- to your teammates and just keep playing. You of course will lose rounds and be down, at least 20% of games, although I imagine realistically you’d be lucky to win 66%+ so every 3rd game you’ll find yourself having opportunity in at least 2 rounds.

Just get it through natural play, damn.


tell that to your teammates lol

Why ? I get nothing. That is how this game is designed. The only thing that matters is challanges. I dont rank up, get points, earn credits, or some reward for doing well. I only get progress by challenges- especially during an event.

So why would I waste more hours of my life in this game, when I could play something more fun better made and popular? Just let me play when I feel like playing, get what I NEED to rank up/do event, and go about your business.

The issue is the forced way I am made to play in order to do this. It’s not me, or players like me, it’s the game mechanics fault.

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Sounds like you are completely wasting your time if you’re spending it feeling like this.

You aren’t forced to do that. You’re choosing to do that. Revives are a part of the game mode and the event is based around the game mode so naturally maybe you have to do something related to the game mode to unlock things for the event.

but I AM forced. because If i play - I kill the team and we never get to revive stage. If I do nothing - we can get to it. The other option is to nade myself 3 or 4 times at the start so we lose 3 lives quickly.

and doing that is just extremely poor sportsmanship no matter how you look at it.

No you don’t lmao.

You don’t win every game, you aren’t even close.

Why would I bother trying to win every game - when LITERALLY I GET NOTHING FROM IT.

You fail to see the point. I figured this game out day 1. I haven’t tried to win at all except for challenges that require it. Welcome to how this game has literlly been designed bud.

If your only playing the game to unlock challenges you might want to find a different game to play. How about playing to get better and because its fun? Why even play matches if you don’t try to win and instead grief your team? Sounds miserable maybe this isn’t the right game for you.

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I’ve had revive 3 and 5 challenges, and neither were a problem. Just pay attention to when teammates go down when there’s no lives left, and be patient. The only problem here is that you want to complete this immediately, when we have two weeks.


Or just… play the game. The matches are like, 5 minutes long. If you’re just such pro gamer then eventually matchmaking will pit you against people that’ll drain your lives and give you the opportunity to revive your allies.

There are two ways you can go about this.
A) play the game and get revives because this will happen sooner or later
B) be a poopoo head and hurt your team on purpose just so you can get the challenge done and pretend that 343i makes you be a poopoo head.


it is such a annoying challenge to complete. even just playing naturely, reviving a dead mate is either at the end game, which is often too late and the remaining players are probably eagle eyed on it
or if your team sucks that bad, reviving a dead mate is near impossible since the enemy team would be dominating
thankfully the challenges i have only requires i revive 1 mate. but that was infuriating enough to accomplish. i get it’s to incurrage the use of it in the mode, i’m aware, but god it’s annoying. especially given the gameplay style of halo. it’s unique and fits, but often ya can’t reach it
i wish you luck getting 3 of those. may god have mercy on your controller or keyboard

see in other halo games, playing and enjoying each match, getting better, having fun - awarded you for doing so. You climbed ranks, got Credits, unlocked gear, etc.

In this… you get nothing. So why bother?