What a letdown...

Honestly, I think 343 needs to step back and take a good look at things. In NO other halo game, were servers down for some but not others, so friends can’t play together in any way, shape, or form. We can’t access our file share for our screenshots and such on the PC. In progress games, that’s a joke. You had access to what Bungie did when you took over Reach…and you still made sure to mess it up. What is the point of a “fallback” server when obviously it should be called “you can’t play” server. Come on and get on the ball…a “fallback” server should be a server that enables people to play the game when the regular server is getting full or over stressed, not to stick a player’s profile and make them unable to play the game. I have NEVER heard of such stupidity in any other game. To some these may be small things, but if you want to keep your player base as a whole happy and coming back, you need to make sure the SMALL things are there and working. I’m sorry, the campaign isn’t THAT amazing, to keep people entertained for long. Get your acts together.

I have this problem too… why should I go into the backup server??? No reasons!!! They will release Halo 5 and 6… and I will not play those game at all if they still can’t solve the problem!

343 - Remember they are just getting started. Hahaahahah

No clue what you’re talking about with server problems. I’ve had this game since Day 1 and I’ve had NONE of the problems that everyone is constantly -Yoinking!- about on these forums. I have NO problem with the Daily XP Cap. I have not had ANY problems with the Server. I love the map design and matchmaking. People need to realize that this is their FIRST GAME. And if you go and say that Halo Reach didn’t have server problems, I could barely get in a game on matchmaking for like a week because of their -Yoink- servers. So Halo 4 definitely has better servers.

I’ve had issues, at the moment I am having those very issues. On Reach, never once did I have issues. Of course, it’s their FIRST GAME, so they need to hear the negative feedback. Quit sucking their balls and saying that they are perfect. Yes they built a great game, I will admit that, Campaign is fantastic, Matchmaking is great (Minus the joining in progress games and the horrible lag every now and again), but the fact that they have no server space for everyone, so they had to create “Fallback” servers for those of us that get shafted, and don’t get to play with our profiles. Tell me how is that perfect? And how is it perfect when people who couldn’t WAIT for Halo 4, are now saying -Yoink- it and playing Black Ops II, which is terrible by the way. Explain this to me, all mighty, all knowing, 343 ball sucking master!

How about pointing out where I said their servers were perfect? I never said that word. EVERY game, no matter how new or how old has server problems. I only said that “I” haven’t had any problems with them and that the servers are better than Halo Reach. So again, tell me where I said “their servers are perfect”

There is a huge difference between giving feedback and flaming. I’m having fun with the game. “Feedback” implies that you have a solution in mind that would remedy your complaint. I liked the story in campaign, I’m having fun with my friends in Spartan Ops. I’m a little disappointed that file share isn’t up yet but I’m willing to wait for it. People will always find something to complain about, if you want to see change, consider discussing your complaint professionally.

You didn’t say it, but you’re practically insinuating it. Just because you haven’t had the problem, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I would just like them to get rid of the fallback servers, make em normal servers, and fix their stupid -Yoink-. It’s -Yoinking!- annoying, I love the game, but I would like to be able to play. I haven’t played for a day or so, and I would like to play, a little, before I have to go to work. so don’t try to give me any of this “Go outside, put the game down blah blah blah blah” -Yoink- either. THat -Yoink-'s -Yoinking!- limited.

Did you just say the Campaign wasn’t that great? I have no flattering word for you with that, and can’t really take the rest of your post seriously.