What a Halo movie needs

There are a few obvious things that a Halo movie needs:

  • A Halo ring - Spartans - War with the covenant - UNSC (Marines, ODSTs, commanders) - AIs (like Cortana)…Among other things, like possibly the Flood, or the Forerunners (especially someone like Guilty Spark), the insurrectionist war, Earth…

However, I will discuss some other things I believe the game needs.

It needs to be so much more than a cliché shooter with under-developed characters that we don’t care about emotionally.
I believe if they are to focus on spartans as the primary protagonists, they need…no, they MUST incorporate the kidnapping children storyline - and to make ONI the antagonists too, like the games. In fact, I believe it’s an excellent idea to include a character like Naomi-010 as the main character - or one of them. Naomi’s father was an insurrectionist leader, who we were supposed to perceive as an antagonist, but quickly became a good character. This moral conflict (who is bad vs. who is good) is important, in my opinion - an excellent reveal to establish ONI as the bad guys.

So it’s not only the covenant who are the bad guys. In fact, I believe including the covenant’s perspective (much like in Halo 2) is neccessary. But they cannot have the covenant being your typical movie aliens with deep, angry voices. They need to have characters that we relate to. I believe characters like the huragok Lighter Than Some and the grunt deacon Dadab (both from Contact: Harvest) are terrific to have - for comic relief, and human-like qualities, and also including Elites (like Arbiter, and Rtas Vadum) who grow sceptical of the Covenant’s mission. But then to have the Prophets and Brutes (Tartarus) as unyielding bad guys, like the games, is essential too.


Sounds good, however it’s missing something…
It’s missing the… INSURRECTION!!!

I’ve mentioned that

Well, I don’t want a movie based off the story of one of the games, so first, it would have to be an original story. That said, I do like having different perspectives from the UNSC/humans and one from say the Covenant/Forerunners/whoever the second party would be (doesn’t make them an antagonist). Also, I’d AIs are a given since that’s an easy CG addition to a movie nowadays.

I don’t think it needs to have a Halo, though I do think that would make it far more marketable to the average sci-fi fan or someone who’s only played one or two of the games since they could relate to it a bit more. Otherwise, if they’d go for a true expansion story of the Halo universe, then it wouldn’t necessarily need a Halo. They could go into a Human-Banished narrative, perhaps giving views from both sides’, and in the end, the movie could be about how they come to a truce to help combat the Created or the Flood or the Forerunners or the Precursors. That would drive the narrative forward for sure in the Halo universe. It’s just an idea though, and probably not a timely one, since they’d need this to happen sooner rather than later in real time, since Halo Wars 2 could have the team up already or at the very least it could happen by Halo 6 when we learn more about what the true fight is going to be.

Master Chief

I would say Halo FOR would be the best to make a movie out of following Kurt as he is the most human of all the Spartan 2s. And would set up an amazing sequel for trianing the Spartan 3s. But I 100% agree about the kid napping and the fleshing out the covenant. But what character would we follow? Thel?

I think that the first (of many, hopefully) Halo movie would be best if it hybridized events of Contact Harvest and The Fall of Reach.

Contact Harvest could perfectly describe the human insurrectionist war, the structure of the Covenant, it’s motives against humanity. At the same time, I could see them running a seemingly seperate story line (think LOTR’S The Two Towers Frodo vs Aragon storyline) following the c_ough cough_ “recruitment” of the Spartan 2’s and their training.

The movie culminates with Spartans on Harvest, Admiral Cole in orbit and a killer 3d naval battle scene. Harvest is lost, sets a dark tone for the new movie series…

Blue Team!!

it should got into a lot of detail from the game, like the Forerunners, what happened on Reach, presenting ONI, UNSC ship battles, marines, all their vehicles. Spartans doing some cool fighting abilities against the Cov enant, ect. That would be a great movie

I just want to see a series of Halo movies tell the story of the Human Covenant war, starting with Harvest up thru Halo 3 - I think the HC war is still Halo’s first and best storyline, personally.

They’d really have to play with the canon a lot to shorten the events down enough to tell the whole story without making like 10 movies, tho.

Why not a movie about how the Strom Covenant was made? I think that would be great. It would not follow any of the game stroyline, so yeah. Sounds good.