What a great day!

I couldn’t sleep so I was up early like 3-4 Am playing Defiant Map Pack and having a terrible time.

But then the game ended and my credits added up…

Jackpot 6000 credits! Oh man so awesome, but something even better happened…

The next game went similar long game, fun, and yeah we won.

Credits pay out…and another 6000 credit jackpot!

Ohh man I played 5 games and earned close to 40 grand.

How is your day going?

Nice! You posted about the potential for this yesterday right?

I played late last night and into this morning on a couple of DMP’s because of what you posted. I also received a couple of good jackpots. Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t played those maps for a bit.

This is going on all week correct? I need to get home and play now!

i found my self getting a 6k and 3k jackpot earlier today too!

All week long babay!

I love it, even though I can only play about 2 hrs before I hit the credit cap…