what a damm shame

I love the beta. I love everything about the multiplayer so far and I love the direction 343i is going with the game.

But I can not supporpt this company with my money.

As you can see, the Master Chief Collection is hot garbage right now. I spent a grand total of 5 hours searching for matches and found about 6 games. All of which were laggy.

From 343i recent actions, I truly don’t think this company is competent enough to fix this game. They will slide it under the rug and campaign their new trophy baby.

IF this game does get fixed then I’ll probably get Halo 5.

People will get it regardless.

I’m quite curious to where they will take the story.

You started this post praising Halo 5 but quickly turned it into an, “I’m still upset about something. I’m going to post about it and say I’m not buying the next product.” GG.