What a cosmetic toggle should include

I think a toggle for cosmetics to maintain Halo’s iconic aesthetic is an essential quality of life upgrade. A necessity because of the nature of live service…

I think this toggle, should essentially operate on the basis of Fractures and Manufacturers.

Anything manufactured by FOTUS, 343 Industries, Fractures (with the exception of visors & Fracture coatings) and Fracture cores themselves should be disabled for all in gameplay and menus when this toggle is enabled.


You turn it on and a big message pops up “Quit whining and play the stupid game”, lol.

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I guess my only issue with this is the “caveat” of visors and coatings.

If you’re going to operate on the assumption that these manufacturers don’t contribute to “maintaining Halo’s iconic aesthetic” then wouldn’t that suggest that the visor colors and armor colors too don’t fit?

On top of that, a customization menu toggle (hiding these armors outside of gameplay) would be way too confusing with progressive unlocks given the already cluttered and convoluted interface we already have. Perhaps a simple slightly greyed out, overlay, or message could denote the functionality of the toggle instead so players aren’t left wondering where their unlocks went.

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About… how far back do you want to maintain this? There are no pink Spartans. There are no purple. There were not outlandish colors. Do you prefer anything in 4-5 as the aesthetic? If not, then you’re asking the little customization content from Halo 3 and below, minus half the colors, as the current aesthetic.

If anything, the theme is super dry in terms of customization, how much are you willing to fight for this general sense of topic?

Though, I respect how much you’re willing to fight for this, for one thing.


Thank you.

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The caveat exists per 343. There is no plan to make Fracture armours cross-core however both coatings and visors of all makes are intended to be. So I figure, that makes them an exception.

So that operates on their own logic. Just so happens it would be my preference. Most visors on different cores and not so drastically alien. So I see no reason to inhibit that.

Sorry, you misunderstood me. I meant that they wouldn’t appear on yourself or other players in lobbied or post-game on top of not appearing in actual gameplay. Not that they wouldn’t appear in the customisation suite.

I agree, greyed out or whatever works just fine.


There have always been pink and purple Spartans. And, with the toggle I’ve suggested there still would be. 343 themselves have deliberately chosen which pieces are made by Fotus or themselves.

And we’re not talking about Halo 4 - 5. Irrelevant to the current aesthetic that heralds from CE - Reach. And as far as anything from 4/5 we can clearly see how they are translated to Infinite.


I approve of these adaptions.

Incorrect. A majority of armour coatings & armour will be retained. I’ll focus on just Mrk VII or we’ll be here all day.

Obviously this will not be 100% accurate as I can’t see every coating that’s in the game but there are roughly, seventy eight armour coatings.


That’s how many you lose if the toggle for coatings includes 343 Industries & Fotus as toggleable manufacturers for cosmetics.

Not even close to half. And you lose out on exactly zero pieces of armour from the three canon cores. (with the exception of two gloves in Mrk VII) But I hardly think gloves are a deal breaker and debatable as to whether they should count or not.
343 Industry & Fotus manufactured coatings are a minority. Furthermore, cross-core coatings will give options in abundance as the visors have.

In your opinion. But also keep in mind the toggle would be optional. And I am very willing to fight for this topic. As I am with anything regarding Halo’s general health and identity.

I love Halo.

I appreciate that.

The only things that would be completely gone with this toggle are the Fotus & 343 armour effects, mythic sets and kill effects. They are the only cosmetic slots that’d be completely empty.

Which is the whole point of the toggle.


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About 3 weeks ago people were complaining about not having enough options to customise Spartans… so a toggle mode that doesn’t improve server performance on certain devices (providing everything is being streamed to your device) would be beneficial, but just to “level the playing field” doesn’t make much sense. I put time and thought into the Spartan Cores I play, that is a representation of me in the game, why would you want to take that option away?

This topic has been reoccurring also.

Nobody is taking that option away from you. Nothing is being taking away from you bar the chance for your core not to be seen with 100% accuracy which you won’t even know most of the time.

The idea is to give people the option to decide when they want to opt in to the sillier side of Halo Infinites cosmetics. An option which as Infinites cosmetic suite grows, will become more and more necessary as more bunny ears ect get added.


I don’t think this is a good idea. Excluding 343 Industries also excludes nameplates such as Got Milked, Asian Heritage, and Unity (Pride).

Since character customisation is a big part of online multiplayer games, and big part of monetisation in Halo Infinite, it would be 343i shooting itself in the proverbial foot to implement such a wide reaching “kill switch”.

If 343i introduce it, it could also further embolden those vocal minorities for example, didn’t want to log in during June because of the LGBT themed nameplate being added to their inventory.

When you choose to play online with others you have to accept the diverse player expression that games like Halo seek to enable with their cosmetics.

I would support a toggle option. My main reasoning is that it does not actually limit player exression, in fact I would argue it INCREASES player customization. I would argue this is because all players who want to wear unique armor sets of their choice still can and would be seen by any players that would appreciate it or be indifferent, while also allowing players to customize their experience to be the asthetic they wish it to be.

The only thing that holds me back from certain options purposed is that no one single division of armors affected by a toggle would be without issue or leave a good chunk of people unsastified. For example, the cannon/non-cannon toggle would not only force a controversial and perhaps unececsary evaluation of the cannon state of each armor, but also when this decison is made what happens when/if 343 makes the decision that cat ears ARE cannon, or that your prefered armor isn’t but you still want to toggle the others away?

I am not sure if this would be overly technically burdensome but I think the perfect system is one that allows you to toggle each individual armors you do/don’t want and what armors you would prefer to see in their place. This would be a better system than a blanket toggle of any kind, but I wouldnt be opposed to an option of a blanket toggle for the sole reason that it offers players another option for a custom experience while avoiding limiting anyone else.

Some people have brought up it will hurt 343 profits but that seems pretty weak outside of the idea that extra profits could lead to extra content, however I think 343 in the current situation could earn some good face by showing that they dont just chase the $$$ at player expense which is currently a commonly held sentiment against the company. The extra content we could get from these profits is not guarenteed to satisfy as in all honesty it would probably just go to more cosmetics.


The issue becomes… people paid for these things to be visible. If they suddenly give people the option to not display them, they may have mass refunds on their hands. Don’t get your hopes up.

The issue becomes… people paid for these things to be visible. If they suddenly give people the option to not display them, they may have mass refunds on their hands.

This actual might be a good legal point (or maybe not I’m not a lawyer so what do i know lol). It seems silly to me that players would want to force someone who doesnt enjoy viewing their armors to view it (personally I always hope my style brings smiles to more players and not frowns!), but I can understand that some people do for some reason, and these people were promised that they can do this for a price that they paid.

Yea…that does seem a bit unethical tbh. Still, so does prefering that players who dont enjoy seeing your armor style be forced into doing so.

There’s zero reason for this to include nameplates. So, moot point. I would never even suggest it and I’ve tried my best to make it clear this is about armour and weapons.

It’s not a kill switch. Just to give equal importance to people not wanting to see wonky stuff 247.

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That decision has already been made. The holographic Mohawk, bunny ears, kill effects, cat ears - all of was ALREADY placed as productions of Fotus.

343 has already combed through all of their cosmetics and all manufactured by 343 Industries or Fotus themselves are very likely not canon. It makes no sense to make a manufacturer half canon or to categorise them like this for no reason.

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They would totally still be visible. Just to those who chose to see it. 5yrs from now there will dozens of bunny ear/cat ear type cosmetics. I don’t want to have to deal with it by that point. And random people aren’t going to know why better if someone can see something or not.

There is zero cons honestly.