What 343i REALLY is trying to do with Halo

Ever played League of Legends? Valorant? Fortnite, Apex legends, Warzone, every other mainstream free-to-play game? All these titles some specific things: One major mode and progression.

That is what 343i strive Halo to be. They want to game to be a main focus of primary gamemode(s) that contribute to the main core aspect of their gameplay. And that, is currently what we have right now: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, etc.

They use armors/skins./weapons as cosmetics to sell for the next 10 years. If you think you wont pay 20 bucks for a weapon skin, Valorant is already doing that. One skin is 20 bucks on league. And same Apex, and warzone. They do this because you don’t need these to play a free game, if you want to look different, you can pay for that or with a chance of earning it through progression.

How much they sell armors and coatings is not ridiculous when it comes to a free-to-play game. I’m not saying this okay for Halo, but some games sell one item or cosmetic, while Infinite sells in bundles. This is just how a free-to-play game survives for years, by dripping out content slowly being made.

Though as I said, I don’t agree with this. The point of every Halo game was to play the game you want and unlock choices at your own pace and paths. Now the path is linear, so the game has a possibility of slowly killing away if no real content does not show up to give diverse opportunities. But if you choose to play any other free-to-play game with linear content and progression, you can’t complain if Halo is doing something different that feels scam worthy, when the games you also play are doing the same thing.