What 343i Did Right

So there are a lot of threads on this forum about what 343i messed up on. Many by me. Now I think this game is getting ragged on a lot, so I’m here to discuss what 343i did RIGHT in this game.

-Brought back fan-favorite weapons. Carbine is back, Beam rifle back, BR. Great weapons that we all loved from previous Halo games came back to play in this game.

-Return of nice BTB maps. Finally! A Halo game has some good BTB maps. Ragnarok leaves a little to be desired, but Meltdown, Longbow, and Vortex are great BTB maps! Much, much better than Boneyard or Spire. Even Hemmorage was boring.

-Great character development. In the campaign, we finally got a game where Chief and Cortana are fully explored personalities. More so Chief. It made some of their interactions gripping and emotional.

-Different Forge Pallets. Though I would’ve preferred an UNSC, Covenant, and Forerunner pallet, the fact that we have an individual Forge pallet for different maps.

-Nice new weapons. The new weapons are very nice. You have a vaporizing shotgun that can bounce its bullets on walls, a shotgun pistol combo, and a select fire, variable power rifle. Plus a one shot Binary Rifle, OP, but cool.

-Fixed vehicle combat. Vehicle combat is now much better. A great improvement from Reach.

So what do you think 343i did right?

343 has done almost everything right except custom options. I can’t say anything about them that would do them justice.

i’l get back to you when i can think of something.

> 343 has done almost everything right except custom options. I can’t say anything about them that would do them justice.



  • Too few Spartan Ops maps. I understand why they can’t make 50 unique missions. But why not have at least 5 unique SO maps, and then fill in the rest of the roster with parts from campaign and some MM maps?

  • Too many “push button/terminal/interface” moments in campaign

  • Not entirely their fault due to 360’s limitations, but still: some textures just are not acceptable up close. Most notably the Pelican. If you make a mission where you have to fly a Pelican, and walk around it for ammo and weapons, you should also make that Pelican look polished up close.

Those really are my main complaints about this game. Haven’t had that few in years to be honest.

> i’l get back to you when i can think of something.

Hey, Boneyard was a good map.

I don’t care what they did wrong. Every game has issues at first. That’s why they continue to patch games. I love the overall look of the game. I still feel it is one of the best looking story modes I have ever seen.

343 brings back the best guns and of course nerfs them so the DMR is the bst weapon.

Some good maps that were also ruined by the DMR, stickies, and plasma pitol.

Nothing really too bad about campaign.

Getting 3 forge worlds was awesome, until they are all smaller the Ragnarok and there is too many glitches and no flat ground.

All the promethean weapons are way to strong, the Boltshot is a shotgun off spawn and the Binary Rifle is a 1 hit kill any where.


According to some,

343i did not do anything right…

… And yet they still play and still post.

Funny that…

> Hey, Boneyard was a good map.

343 certainly had better presentation(Characters move better, voice acting is great, face models are great, all cutscenes are great), but they left a whole to be desired in terms of design, both gameplay and aesthetically speaking.

Oh man OP! You stopped using that annoying font color :slight_smile:

Anyway. I think 343 has done a great job thus far. It has brought a lot of halo haters from previous games into the fold. Which says a lot since a lot of xbox owners were very pro halo or very against it.

I personally like the Adrift map. A lot of different ways to traverse it and key power weapon spawns keeps the action moving. It’s probably my favorite regicide/ctf map.

I think the Mantis is the bees knees, takes a lot of protecting otherwise it’s just gonna get owned.

Load outs are very much a nice change from what call of duty has. A lot of these packages we can equip don’t make a massive impact on game play (I’m looking at you shielding, dexterity and AA efficacy). Armor abilities aren’t grossly overpowered, active camo is annoying, but that’s what Promethean vision and kill cams (when they work) are for.

I like all the new weapons, and how well balanced most of them are (Bolt shot glitch).

Kudos 343, you’ve made me into a halo fan.