What 343 should have done with the game.

Halo 4 is a good game, but it’s just not at that level of great, epic, etc. I have my own reasons for it.


  1. I believe JIP was an excellent addition to the game, but JIP is not suitable for all gametypes. JIP is only good to put on a larger team based game such as BTB. If anything make it so Friends can join an already started game and not random players.
  2. The amount of gametypes in Matchmaking is very low. There’s new gametypes that they haven’t even made playable yet, AND they keep taking away gametypes.

Custom Games/Forge:

  1. I would have liked to have expected customizing the gametypes to be better. I would have liked to see a no sprint, and maybe some features like a modded gametype would have that way people won’t get banned for having there own fun.
  2. Expand the custom maps out for forge. I’m not sure if anybody even likes that kill boundary.

Spartan Ops:

  1. In all honesty, it was overhyped. It’s only good for completing some challenges and cutscenes.


  1. I didn’t even bother with buying the Crimson Map Pack because there isn’t anything on it that makes it different from what could be built in forge. The reason Halo 3’s MAP Packs were successful was because each one had something special. First one had a true map to forge on (Foundary), The next had effects, the next had an even better forge map (Sandbox). What has the Halo 4 Map Pack(s) offered?

What they should do or should have done:

  1. Completely fix Matchmaking to have EVERY gametype and keep the forge test but have Action Sack as well for those gametypes not meant to be “competitive” but “just fun”.
  2. Make JIP in games that really need it (BTB and Regicide), but not 4v4 games. Also how I described earlier.
  3. Should have made the CSR and File Browser available from the start.
  4. Should have made Custom Games and Forge even better than I described before.
  5. Should make the DLC’s worth buying. They probably could have put the Forge Environments we already have in the DLC’s because now I’m not gonna bother buying map packs. Maybe add features or content you couldn’t do in forge previously.

TL;DR - Make Halo better in it’s ‘Halo’ aspects and not take what we could do, remove it, and add in so many foreign things which have potential and then pretty much break it with 1 or 2 additions.

And then actually commit to their promises.