What 343 needs to do to save halo infinite

Everything 343 needs to do to save halo infinite

  1. Focus on the Hardcore halo fans the fans who have been fans of the franchise since halo ce
  2. Make halo infinite no longer free to play. Make it free to play through game pass only.
  3. Add all of the missing content weapons, forge, maps and game modes etc.
  4. Ditch the battlepass and bring back the halo reach style unlockable system
  5. Add really good anti cheat software.ive said it b4 im pretty sure Microsoft a trillion dollar software company can make the best anti cheat software of all time
    6 add the option to turn off and on cross play especially on ranked
    343 your welcome
  1. Fix desync.
  2. Add in XP progression (weighted to wins, medals, score, etc).
  3. Forge
  4. Customs browser.
  5. More match-making options for connection quality vs waiting time.
  6. Remove the CSR number from skill ranks - just have a division/tier.
  7. Party up options.
  8. More post game stats (including career ones).
  9. Option to save / quickly swap between a number of saved armour configurations.
  10. Did I mention Forge?

Give it to someone else.

That’ll fix it quick.


This isnt going to happen. At one point, 343 intentionally hired people who disliked Halo, so that they could make a game that was different in scope than the original Halos. I dont think times have changed too much

The main issue with focussing on the hardcore fanbase is that this population is diverse and hard to define. Do a player like myself belong in the set of hardcore Halo players?


That’s not gonna save it, it will just make it another MCC

Not gonna happen, and I don’t want it to happen


They don’t need that, but it would be nice


Right but the way things are now, the only ones that 343 seems to focus on are the pro players. A narrow group of Halo players whose sole purpose for playing the game is purely competitive. What that does is it eliminates the possibility of 343 giving casual fans anything meaningful. Forge doesnt even exist yet. Customs dont function. Everything about this game is for sweaty try hards and no one else. Its wack. Sometimes i want to just sit back and enjoy a relaxing session of goofy games that dont involve me sweating my nuts off

The game should be premium with no microtransactions and all customization able to be unlocked for free. It should be free with gamepass though like Halo 5 and MCC


youre Problem is Thinking that 343i CAN Fix it, thats the Problem they cant, Wont and show no signs of wanting to.

And now the Leaks that they are building a Battle Royale for Infinite before the Game is even fixed or has the content that makes a Halo Game, confirms these Devs are out of touch because they are STILL doing their rediculous Trend Chasing that has done nothing but further destroy this franchise.

Halo 4: Super Casualifed, COD style pick youre loadout style Gameplay, complete with rewarding you with more weapons.

Halo 5: Massive focus on Loot Boxes and locking on looks behind them. with some Elements of Pay to Win. All to Atrract Little Timmy armed with his Mom and Dad’s Credit Card.

Halo Infinite: Free to play/ Freemium garbage, with a Battlepass to lure in all the fortnite kids, and now rumour of a Battle royale on the way to lure in streamers who only care about streaming the new mode for a month before jumping ship to the next Battle royale that comes out.

imo only way for infinite to be saved is likely to remove 343i from the picture. or let the game go down in history of what NOT to do and seek out new devlepers fit to take the reigns of this behemoth of a franchise.

Certain Affinity is building that, not 343

the Mere fact their Making it AT ALL given the state the game is in speaks volumes.

they continue to lose dedicated and core fans, but they are worrying about making a mode to bring in non halo fans. FFS, focus on youre core audiance first, but then again why wouldnt they go after that broader audiance, after all in Bonnie Ross’s eyes We the long term Halo Fans, are a threat to halo’s broader audiance ambitions.

They’ve already reached the broader audience.
The Halo show is popping off (despite not feeling like Halo, at least to me) and the game is far from dead somehow.
Why wouldn’t you go after the larger playerbase? More players=more money.
343 forgot about their core audience back in H4, where have you been?

and when all the core players are gone, and the only ones who are playing are the Battle Royale crowd, A Crowd INFAMOUS for playing a new BR for a week or 2 maybe even a month only to instantlly all jump ship to what ever Battle Royale is new and hip if not just leaving for older already established Battle Royales like Warzone, Apex and fortnite, Then you got a DEAD Game.

hope that broader audiance is worth it 343i, ill be waiting for youre Successors Halo Title. who ever that Development studio is.

Go ahead and use strawmen if you want, I’m not gonna go down this rabbit hole with another troll who just wants to start a flame war

how is it a Strawman when what i posted is accurate? they are alienating the core audiance with their stupid decisions. there is indications there making a Battle Royale, and people have said A Battle Royale will not save this game, BR players are not Loyal to Franchises that implement them, this has been observed. litterally ask this, if they Love Battle Royale So much, why are they always asking for a new BR in every game? are the current ones just not good for em anymore?

ahhh i see when things may not be going down the way you like, with someone who doesnt fawn over 343i, you brush em off as a Troll, You Did the Same thing with @KCD0DGER instead of actually having something interesting to say.

Who is the troll i do wonder? The one who tries to engage in conversation or someone who quickly dismisses others because of views that dont align?


Looks like I found your alt bud.

It isn’t accurate actually.
If the BR is good, then the game will be popular for quite a few years.

Fortnite/Apex/Warzone are the top 3 games right now, all are BRs.

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I don’t have the energy for an alt.

Literally Gus is not worth your time, just ignore them and move on.

Yup, it’s an alt

Local play. Please let 4 people play locally on one console and in big team battle. It really makes no sense to allow 4 players to play quick play or team slayer yet limit big team battle to 2 local person limit! Please change it to at least 4 local players. Can’t play with more than one friend or family member locally like the old days. It sucks. COD does the same thing. Family and friends still play locally together and want to play multi-player on one console and online!

Maps, maps, maps. Its really not that hard. Players should be able to download map packs like before. I have an idea, why not recreate original maps from all the previous Halo games and release them. A few for free and pay for the rest? That would keep players online with classic maps. Enough with paying for amor and colors! Its crazy that its 343 focus to make players pay for upgrades when were able to unlock things by playing and grinding after buying the game.

Remember when players were able to lock on to vehicles, Bashee, etc with rockets? Yes bring that back because online mp battles with teams using vehicles non stop make them kind of unstoppable and randoms just quick instead of playing like a team. Happens too often. Bringing back the lock on with rockets can even thing’s out.

I love Halo. Still have my original Xbox and 360 and all Halo games but the maps are repetitive and some are just boring or too small. Miss the intentional glitches Bungie made that took me, friends and family hundreds of hours to find and explore.

They need to figure out a way for new players to have fun with halo and not have every new person just get demolished and quit. New players do not enjoy halo multiplayer.

343 relies too much on their inhouse pro players feedback. They probably do a good job tweeking things for ranked but they really shouldn’t be used to find the fun new players need. I’m not a new player, so I wouldn’t claim I know what is fun for them. I do know there is a reason the term ‘rage quit’ exists.