What 343 needs to do (Not hate speach)

It’s obvious that halo’s population is lower than it has ever been, mostly because reviewers making bad reviews and not even mentioning the good things, they only looked at the bad. But what 343 needs to do is return to the roots, don’t make it too competitive like halo 5, don’t make it too casual like halo 4, don’t split the community into two groups, arena (competitive) and warzone (“casual”). Now i can’t say much about the classics as i only played custom games in halo 3, but halo was different to the other games on the market, it felt different, it wasn’t too casual and it wasn’t too competitive (at least to my standards), and needs to fit the entire community together, growing.

I know 343 is working their butts off to give us content, but don’t turn into EA, Ubisoft , or any game company that ‘needs’ to push out games every year, but if you create a game that can last for 3+ years with map packs or… microtransactions… and give good quality games, the fans will be happy, and this “343 industries ruined halo” nonsense can stop. 343 learns from their mistakes, they listen, seeing how halo 4 & 5 went, i am positive halo 6 will be a great game with an exciting campaign, but they need to figure out, what made halo, halo.

[insert #LetsMakeHaloGreatAgain meme]

You are correct, the multiplayer can be too sweaty but 343 listens to the community and learns from their mistakes so I’m sure halo 6 will be that perfect balance.

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> [insert #LetsMakeHaloGreatAgain meme]

Resists the urge to make a photo of trump wearing a make halo great again cap

Hate speach!!? I am TRIGGERED

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> Hate speach!!? I am TRIGGERED

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