What 343 has done right.

I have heard of a lot of things 343 has done wrong. But I would like to hear some things they have done right. I do not discourage posting about what they have done wrong on this thread, but I do not promote it either. I recommend posting such things on different threads. Now, what do you think they did right? Thanks!


i just wish there was more .-.

Well, I think that the idea to Remaster the Halo 1 and 2 campaigns was an excellent idea to do on their tenth anniversary. and terminals were technically in halo before 343 took full control of halo they did allow for more to be explained in them since they are now videos. also, i can tell why the halo 4 campaign was not too good, it was yes, supposed to be good, but it was supposed to be more of a transition game, to show chief’s inner-human. i like the direction halo is going.

All of their novels with the except of the Kilo-5 trilogy, though Mortal Dictata getting some leeway for some cool exploration of the Kig-Yar species, have been solid.

No one start hatin on me but I think they did halo 4’s story good. I like the design(not a fan of chiefs helmet, h3 looks better) and come on, cortana looked pretty good in there too. Also I felt that they fleshed out chief and cortanas character. Some really good acting from them. And I don’t know but I have a feeling 343 is gonna take the series in the right direction story wise. I’m loving halo 5’s beta. So 343 in my opinion, is takin pretty good care of this franchise. But, they made mistakes too so don’t go thinkin I’m a 343 diehard

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