What 343 Got Right

Another delay. Seems almost like they’re scheduled now, right? With this delay I’ve seen a few posts on the forum doggin on 343, pointing out all the little flaws and things wrong with what they are doing, and for a lot of it I agree. But I also don’t think that 343 gets enough credit for how much they’ve put into this game. So that’s what this thread is for. What are all the things that 343 is doing right currently? Let’s show 343 that we not only hate the things they do wrong, but also LOVE what they do right.
I’ll Start
As far as gameplay is concerned (other than the classic arcade physics we lack still) it’s almost perfect. The new sprint system that allows for better movement is a fantastic way to innovate while staying true to the games roots, without breaking balance. I also think that level and weapon design are really nice. Halo 5 felt a bit bland and flat, with color in all the wrong places. The new level design feels so OG to me, walking through Live Fire felt like the aesthetics of Reach, with layout and feel of H2.

The customization design so far is top-notch. Glad the wonky armors from H5 took a backseat for now.

This is probably my favorite warthog design!! I love it. Feels good, looks good. I gotta drive it

We need the original color charts back.

Tbh, add in proper physics, this might actually surpass some of the weaker Bungie Halo titles

I am loving the new level design. It brings me back to CE and Halo 2 days.

Also, that awesome warthog has my name written all over it. Pretty excited for tomorrow.

So the things I like with 343’s work,

  • Halo 2 Anniversary. They showed that they can learn from their mistakes and do better next time. This is coming from someone who prefers the old CE graphics over the new graphics. It’s the opposite in Halo 2. - Flood in Halo 3: ODST Firefight in MCC. This is something that should have been in firefight a long time ago, but better late than never. - Halo 4’s ending. Any ending that can give me chills or bring me to tears shows that the developer did something right. - Halo 4’s multiplayer. It felt alot like Halo: Reach multiplayer, so naturally I put alot of hours into it, at least until I got the look I want for spartan. Then I focused more on custom games. - Halo: Reach’s multiplayer. Halo 4 probably felt like Halo: Reach because the multiplayer in both games was worked on by 343. Unless I’m mistaken. I just know that 343 and Bungie worked together on Halo: Reach. - Halo 5’s Warzone Firefight. As infamous as Halo 5 has become, it does have the most enjoyable firefight in my opinion. - Halo Infinite’s customization. So glad we’re going back to Halo 3 and Reach era armor while still throwing in something new. The one thing I don’t like about it though is the coloring. I don’t like that we’ve switched over to using Destiny shaders. - Halo Infinite’s bots. This should have been a thing in Halo a long time ago, but again, better late than never. - Halo 5’s assassinations. Alot of them are actually pretty cool and brutal. I also like the much wider variety. The only problem is you can only use one at a time. - Master Chief Collection. Just putting that all together and improving it as the years go on, that alone I give 343 props for.

To refer to one point above me, the bots are also a great addition, and they play extremely well. Sure, they have some bugs and unfortunate behavior (they all run the same way on maps at the beginning of a match), but they’re still incredibly impressive. I can only think about all of the AI abilities in campaign.

My only problem is the outline system

Wait, what got delayed this time?

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> Wait, what got delayed this time?

Nothing, at one point it looked like this weekends flight might be delayed but its been confirmed not to be.

Gunplay, gameplay loop feels fun. Movement is interesting and I love seeing weapons have alternate fire modes/projectile effects that make them more interesting than hitscan projectile/sniper round/AOE blast.

  • Significant graphical improvements since the Demo showcase we saw last year, the game looks awesome. - Sound and feel of weapons is punchy AF, also, when I played pvp last time someone shot the spnkr at me on bazaar, it missed me to the left and I could literally hear the rocket fly past me on the left, it was a really astounding, immersive experience (no headphones) - Sprint was IMO perfected, it gives people more used to other FPS’s what they are used to and doesn’t negatively impact the gameplay in any way, much better than Halo 5’s movement mechanics, and Goldilocks speed. - Bots, the bots are legit good, going from marine to ODST I started to realize how I could improve my own gameplay and noticed a significant improvement in their skill and not in a cheap way. Also, NGL, I took some of those skills with me back to the other halo titles and have actually improved my gameplay from all those bot matches. - Grapeshot is awesome - Chief’s armor looks sick after the delay, major props on those improvements. - Weapon drills is a great idea and adding leaderboards is the perfect finishing touch.