what 343 can do to future halo games

343 is a good game corporation in the sense that they can make good games. but what they lack is the ability to realize that they will be better off making quality games that make more sales instead of investing lots of your time and $ into marketing. this isn’t news to you I’m sure but what 343 industries is trying to do now might be bad, but in the future halo can be brought back.

the main point i am trying to get at is 343 has 3 options

343’s first option is to do what the community wants and to fix halo mcc and stop worrying about halo 5.
this option is what I’m sure the majority of you would want. however 343 doesn’t want this to happen for reasons you might not have considered. halo mcc is and will likely forever be a train wreck and 343 knows it but if 343 invests the necessary time into fixing mcc then i predict that halo 5 will have the exact same problems that halo mcc has, that it will be rushed off the shelves broken because 343 didn’t spend the necessary time preparing the game.

343’s second option is to ditch mcc altogether and focus on halo 5
this is what I’m sure the majority of you don’t want while mcc has been a train wreck for about 5-6 months now it’s likely that that fact will never change. but if 343 takes this option then halo 5 will be everything we want and more. the fans (ideally for 343) will forgive them for their mistakes and watch halo thrive and be everything that it can be. so obviously one of the halo games has to be bad and one of them will be good? of course not.

343’s 3rd and final option is too delay halo 5 and fix everything
this is my favorite option for the halo series the result of this would be for mcc to be fixed (sooner then the other 2 options) and for halo 5 to be everything we dreamed of. just at the expense of a few months of our time. you may think that 343 won’t do this but i think that it makes perfect sense. the current halo 5 release date (october 27th 2015) is set to be before the entire swarm of black friday shoppers. a legitimate strategy but what happens if halo 5 comes out after black friday and before christmas? the entire halo franchise be saved.

(or you know 343 could be bought out by a far better game company but lets not get our hopes up)

Thanks for reading and what would you choose?

They have already fixed a lot of the issues with MCC. Plus halo 5 will take more time to produce so of course they spend more time on it. They need to get it on the shelves when they say they are going to.

I want 343 NOT to add gimmicks where they are NOT needed. And I want them to stick to the roots and not pull a call of booty advanced trashware. Just pull a halo 2 anniversary :slight_smile: blend halo 1-3 into something different but not something COMPLETLY breaking the formula and adding what does not need to be there.