What 2 starting weapons would you like to start with?

In my custom maps I put in every weapon that is in the game at each base.

So What 2 weapons do you like to use at the beginning of a game?

I like the BR and the Hydra!

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Honestly, the Commando and the Disruptor/Plasma Pistol. Because they are bottom of the pile for precision and side arm weapons. So you start there and can improve from that.

They really do need to look at weapon balance. We can’t just have a three gun game. :pensive:

In terms of power can’t go wrong with BR/Sniper or BR/Sword

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In my custom maps I put in every weapon that is in the game at each base.

I set the max health at 70% in my game modes so the crappy weapons can kill people.

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Smaller maps - Pistol and Assault Rifle
Larger BTB Maps - Commando and Assault Rifle ( Commando’s on map are replaced with Battle Rifles )

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Just curious about commando on PC. I play on Xbox controller, and commando feels like a real weapon but the recoil makes me not pick it up often. Does anyone else experience this. I’ve heard it has less recoil on pc, is this true?

Tap fire heavily reduces the recoil on the weapon for me.

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I agree 100% I don’t the recoil at all.

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AR and BR, just across the board. They’re great bread 'n butter weapons until you can get others that better suit the situation at hand, AR for close quarters and mid range and BR for mid to long range. If I need something with a longer range, I try to find a sniper or something but the BR will work out until then. If I need something better for close quarters I try to find a shotgun or a sword but the AR will still get work done in the meantime.

Unless we’re talking CE, then AR and Magnum all day. Sure it’s the default, but the CE AR is great and I don’t think the CE Magnum needs an explanation.

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I tap fire in tactical with it for sure

Remember the magnum from bond 64? Awesome weapon

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I mean I didn’t know weapons from other games counted, but also true


The reason should seem obvious, the sidekick can spam out and beat a BR in close quarters, and you can swap to it mid fight instead of reloading, etc.

I don’t think the BR/AR would work in this game because they made the AR too versatile, and on many smaller maps it would wind up being used more than the BR.

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Precision weapons shouldn’t be a starting weapon. If it has to be a precision weapon, it shouldn’t be able to compete with a commando/battle rifle. They should also vastly decrease the power of the assault rifle. Starting weapons shouldn’t be more viable than the strategy of looking for map weapons.

Just like Halo 3.

Plasma Pistols and Manglers

Commando and AR.

One bread and butter weapon for all encounters close to mid, another weapon to clean up with and provide cross mapping potential.

The BR in Infinite is pretty powerful and should belong on the rack, but the Commando is sufficiently skill based that you can’t just wing it randomly and get kills from long range easily.

The Commando being a starting loadout is also a good thing which solves Commando’s other issue : Ammo economy.

The weapon suffers greatly from having low ammo on start and taking so many shots to kill if not a perfect. With more players spawning with this weapon, the battlefield will be littered with discarded Commandos from either dead players or players trading up. This will allow the user to find ample ammo for the Commando on the battlefield and not have to rely on a rack spawn for ammo.

that last part matters…I can’t tell you how many multikills have been ruined because I needed just one more bullet and didn’t have it

Heck, that’s a problem in general in this game, since nobody ever seems to have the same weapon you do outside of whatever the starting loadout is

The problem in this game is actually the fact that weapons despawn way too fast. You have about 10-15s before a weapon despawns if no picks it up. This is a really serious issue because weapons are straight up being taken off racks and disappearing in the void in this manner, causing a weapon variety shortage if enough of these cases happen during the chaotic opening moments of the match.

The only weapons exempt from this are Power weapons, even Tier 2 weapons suffer the same despawn timer. Horrendous.

Someone once mentioned it’s highly likely that slipspace is just incapable of handling so many entities on the map and thus they created the rack system and fast weapon despawn to lessen the number of items existing on the map at the time.

Just begs to differ why they didn’t polish this up if it affects gameplay balance or, idk, just keep it to 10v10 or 8v8. And they also have consider how this affects the upcoming BR. What a joke.