What 1 thing would you bring back to Halo 5?

If 343i invited you to their studio to take a look at halo 5, and it was at that stage basically barebones Halo with nothing in it except the norm, and they asked you to bring back 1 thing from a previous Halo thats not there what would it be?

It can be any one thing, only one though no more. It could be a character, a weapon or vehicle, a unique feature (e.g. duel wielding or playable elites). It could be a ranked or social playlist or the true skill system. It could be an old game-type or precision editing. It could be firefight or theater or fixed machinima tools.

But remember it can only be 1 thing no more, so none of ‘I want this and that’, just one.

Please explain why you would want your one thing.

I already know where this thread is going.

Player 1: “I want it to be like Halo 2/3.”

Player 2: “I don’t want a H2/3 clone!”

Player 1: “Neither do I. Want a Halo game that has new things but adheres to the principles of the first trilogy.” Followed by the pot shot of, “A Halo 2/3 clone would better than Call of Halo 4 though.”

Player 2: “Well what would be new in your ideal Halo? What could work in the constrains of H2/3?”

Player 1: “I’m not a game developer. Just look at the first trilogy and you’ll see what I mean.”

Player 2: “Halo 2 intriduced a bunch of stuff and was pretty different than CE. So why was Reach and H4 so bad in comparison? Also H3 was H2 with horrible bullet mechanics, slower movement speed, and equipment that every one yoinked about.”

Player 1: “Yes H2 introduced a lot of stuff and was pretty different than CE but it all fit with in the principles of Halo. Halo 3 brought us Forge. Reach and Halo 4 brought in CoD elements and was crap.”

Player 2: “Lol, ok”

me being a vehicle lover, i’d bring back either the Hornet or Falcon if not both


I would bring back equal starts, it just doesn’t feel right without them AND NO 343 I DON’T MEAN SLAYER PRO SETTINGS WITH BR I WANT ME AR PLEASE!!!

Bungie… I would bring back Bungie studios to make Halo 5

Arena style gameplay.

Nothing has damaged Halo more than losing this part of its identity.

Being halo will bring me back. That’s not changing anytime soon so I’m set.