We've got to see Marcus Stacker make an appearance eventually

So considering the fact that UNSC forces from the UNSC Infinity have been scattered on Installation 07 after the battle on that ring, I hope to eventually see Marcus Stacker to suddenly appear as one of the marines being founded by the Master Chief as he should be returned in Halo Infinite because of how awesome of a marine character from the original trilogy he is. Perhaps he can most certainly be part of the resistance that would be formed to fight against the Banished because it would be good to see him fight alongside with the Master Chief against the Banished. After, Halo Infinite is trying to go back to the roots of the original trilogy of Halo games and I can imagine this also includes many more characters including side characters from the original trilogy as well.

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There’s only one marine we need fighting at the Chief’s side and that is the man that is Chips Dubbo, the guy is a legend in every sense of the word.


Yes Chips Dubbo also needs to return as well. We may see a surprise appearance of him in the campaign.

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