We've all seen the new map pack. I hoped....

that there would be at least 1 more green type i.e. Ragnorak, Paradiso, Hemorrhage landscape. Obviously it isn’t happening based on the trailer. I am not sure I could distinguish these from some of the current maps at a glance.

Someone will undoubtly chime in with the “dude you know it’s outer space right?”. I get it but so were all the previous titles and they didn’t have purple little eggplants everywhere spackled around a brown dirt world.

I actually liked the character of Paradiso with the giant mountain, Boneyard with all of the places to perch or duck into, even Spire was very unique. Some of the maps from the new game look like the winner of a kindergarden finger paint contest.

You didn’t know…Brown is the new hottness.

Usually I don’t care for map packs that looks like campaign missions but in this case it would be 100 times better than the brown/gray mess they just showed us.

I would have loved a dense jungle map or forerunner platform map with light bridges.

Jungle maps? YES YES YES YES

Yet more crappy looking maps, that look the same as the current crappy maps we have.

> Jungle maps? YES YES YES YES

This would remind me of my fav Halo 3 map: Guardian. Lots of green, which is always great. :smiley:

Yes forgot to mention, I would settle for another winter map as well. Hale 3 and Halo CE had some decent ones. Anything but more brown or purple. I think the nails are being put in the coffin on this game if this is what future map packs are to be.