Weren't there any crew on the "Forward Unto Dawn"?

Ok, sorry if the answer to this question is blatantly obvious, but I haven’t played Halo 3 in a while, and I saw someone ask a question about having allies in Halo 4, which made me think of this.

Weren’t there any crew remaining on the “Forward Unto Dawn” at the end of Halo 3? Does anyone else think its strange that Johnson piloted the ship all by himself to get to the control room? Were Master Chief and Johnson really the only humans remaining at the Ark?

Well seeing as half the ship got ripped in half when travelling through the portal back to earth and Masterchief is the only one with a space suit in those ships I would say most of them died if there were any there anyway but hey it’s Johnson, he’s a crazy crazy man, best character in my opinion, who knows what was going through his mind when he flew a huge ship out onto a ring to save the universe, maybe they didn’t have time to pilot it haha, who knows man but there is always a chance that there are others with the Chief, but who knows how long he was in Cryosleep anyway, maybe longer than most humans can survive.

It’s all up to 343 to create a realistic story line now lets just hope they do it well

Well I’m sure there were many soldiers that died while fighting the Covenant, and many more that were probably infected when the flood arrived. I would have imagined there would have been at least a skeleton crew left, but it was still just one frigate, it’s not too unlikely that every one died. And the future setting being what it is, all the ship probably needed was one pilot/helmsman to fly it. Even large naval ships of today can be driven from one post.

If there are any other surviving humans with Master Chief it could always be possible they survived through cryo-sleep. If that’s the case, I hope everyone else doesn’t die when the ship lands/crashes where ever it’s going. It would be a lot like when Chief landed on Halo in CE and everyone in the escape pod died except him.

Its mentioned in the game itself a bit earlier, while John and the Arbiter are on the Pelican climbing to the new Halo, that all remaining (surviving) UNSC personnel were evacuated to the Shadow of Intent, Rtas’ (damaged) flagship and subsequently return to Earth before Halo is activated.

Foward unto Dawn was basically there as nothing but an escape vehicle for the only three that stayed behind, John-117, the Arbiter and Sergeant Major Avery Johnson.
Everyone else was likely ordered to leave on the Shadow of Intent due to the extremely high risk of the mission.