Were you booted from your Achilles company?

I was, too!
Hello there, my name is Zeus Muscle and I am the founding dude of We Do Not Need Achilles!


I hopped on to play the new Meridian update today much like everyone reading this probably has been doing, or is doing. Lo and behold the new Company active roster wasn’t working for me.

“Strange”, I thought, “what’s the matter here?”
Hopped on waypoint and wouldn’t you know I was booted from my Achilles-seeking Company.

“No big deal,” I said, “I’ll create my own! With spite and saltiness.” (Or blackjack and hookers or whatever)

The goal of this new company is to get the Achilles armor, but with a twist!

Much like that suit you wore to your kitty-cat’s funeral, we will wear it once (maybe a couple more times to church or whatever), outgrow it, and put it in the closet forever.

I read a few topics in /r/halo and here from people being booted for eBay sales or other silly things. People posting how butt-tastic it is being close to getting their swagsuits and booted.

Well this company is for you, and anyone else who might like a piece of the cake and community.

Anywho check us (who am I kidding, it’s just me for now) out on waypoint, or shoot me a message on xbox live. GT is ZEUS MUSCLE.