Were updates made to the campaign with season 2?

I replay the campaign from start to finish about every couple of weeks or so

Today I got a very odd message I never saw before right before completing “the sequence” once I headed down the spire

The Long and short of it was that it said “once you progress with this mission you wont be able to go back to the open world so if you are missing spartan cores and such you should go back and get them now”

I finished the campaign maybe a dozen times now and I have never got this message

Is it the result of the lastest update?

What does it mean for future campaign expansions?

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That message was in the game since day one. But they did change things in the campaign such as removing the tank gun, and removing coil jumping, and removing flyable pelicans.

Explosions look like they have been updated. Also they messed up brightness/hdr, can only change setting in main menu at the moment, then load campaign. Also noticed it keeps defaulting brightness, so have to go change that every time I want to play

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I have literally never seen it AND since the game DOES dump you back in the open world once you beat the harbinger doesn’t that make no sense??

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Sure it dumps you back out but upgrading your equipment at that point isn’t going to help you beat the game.

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Eventually it does return you, but several levels later. I’ve had that message pop every play through since November. I think it’s just a courtesy.

It literally NEVER popped for me…maybe because I have always collected ALL the spartan cores by that point? Even the extra ones (like 3 extra) and this time tho I picked everything up i have no extra ones? Maybe they fixed it?

Its just so weird.

Also…you can skip all the side mission until after you beat the game…the upgrades would help you with that content I guess so still it makes little sense


still can’t replay missions. Yey.
Also I can’t turn off the “running fast” effects. great.

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Late August is target date for replayable missions.


A lot of fun was “fixed”…