We're spoiled.

That’s right. We’re spoiled. I remember when you logged onto a game to play and have fun, not to unlock some stuff just to make you feel better. I’ve spent countless of hours in H2 and H3, not to unlock some stupid stuff, but to play and have fun. What happened to that?
Since CoD4 and the unlocking by rank system came through, most modern day shooters have always relied on unlocking a new item, and making players play more to obtain more and more items. CoD and BF are perfect examples on this problem.

Halo never needed that, You had what, 6 different armor sets in Halo 3, and zero in Halo 2? They were still the most played game on the xbox, not because of unlocking crap, but the shere fun.

I think people need to stop focusing on the “replayability” of the armor unlocks and challenges, and start playing for the fun part, the game itself. Customs or MP, doesn’t matter.

It’s super tireing to see a fanbase destroy itself because of blind rage.

True story to what OP says…

"I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. " Bill Cosby.

By the way, Halo 4 is totally FAN Service… Everything in the game is fan service, and people still bash it to death. So sad.

The game is amazing nevertheless…

Those ragging because they were not heard, guess why? Have you ever read a book about game design?

I can give you a few recommendations right away.

I remember the days when I used to play just to play. I had to force myself to start thinking like that again. Dark times these are my friend. Dark times.

I liked it on Reach, myself. You still felt like there was something to work towards with the cosmetic unlocks, even though they did nothing at all. It helped that the game was fun to play as it was, but having that extra something made even bad matches worthwhile; ‘Oh well, that sucked, but at least I got a bit more towards X, Y or Z.’

That, and I liked making random Spartan designs.
Back when they looked like Spartans, and not some sort of Crysis rip off…

Like another person said in a different thread, Blame COD (coming from a ex COD player).

This whole “need to rank up and unlock” stuff has taken over FPS games. It’s stupid and I think the whole rank system is useless. All it’s there for is showing other people how much of a life you don’t have (directed at people who are already level 70+ 10 days after release). And all it promotes is boosting and cheating. I mean look at battlefield, I started seeing level 100 colonels about 2-3 months after release. Idk if any of you know, but it takes a LOT of playtime (usually boosting) to get up that high in that game. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that I can edit my armor and stuff but since we’re either red or blue anyway, I think it’s a stupid addition.

Competitive ranking OTH is a good idea and needs to be implemented.