We're losing LSS? Damn

I really enjoyed playing it, it had low ping - smooth as butter as far as Halo Infinites gameplay experience went.

Obviously I’m looking forward to playing doubles. I enjoy slower paced Halo. But, I’ll miss it.

Just like I miss Attrition!

But attrition can be played in quick match. I comes up really often.


I don’t get to play it all cause I don’t want to play game modes I can’t stand like Oddball on Recharge.


Know what you mean. I find myself playing quick match quite often. Sure, there are some combintaion of game modes and maps that i dont like. I must be lucky, because i get attrition really often.
I like it really much. Would be cool if attrition would come back as permanent playlist


We’re losing LSS? Where’d this come from?

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Due to the UI size limits, they’re swapping out LSS for the Doubles Playlists.

This isn’t a joke btw. I’m aware of the running gag surrounding the UI. They legit said this months ago.


It is a joke. Just not one with a punchline.


I guess it makes a bit of sense. Sucks for people who like LSS though. They oughtta go with something like Halo 5 for Infinite.
2 “Quick Play/social” tab for 1 for BTB, events, and Quick Play, 1 for FFA, doubles, and multi team.
1 Ranked tab, which would have ranked stuff
2 (when it comes out) Firefight tabs. One for single player, One for multiplayer and warzone
1 (again at release) BR tab

Said on Twitter regarding doubles. Check the august drop pod on the support page for more details.

I don’t mind LSS, but dang. Sucks that they are removing modes again.

Make your bets everyone, will the UI be fixed first or will Desync!


I would say UI since networking issues seem significantly harder to fix at a glance.

At least that’s my impression of it.

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I thought with a minor update co-op would also come on the 23rd too. But no, seems like everything on the 23rd is considered part of the drop pod.
At least co-op could still technically hit its target on the 30th. Who knows though.

I certainly won’t miss it.

Makes me wonder though, is it first on the cut list because it has the lowest population? What does this say about the general populations preference for this BR type of mode?


Classic 343! Never disappoints to disappoint.

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Honestly, I’m a bit numb to disappointment ever since 2020.


It tells me what most of us have known all along. Halo players don’t want a Battle Royale in Halo.

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When your UI can’t handle displaying too much basic text, you know you failed as a company. How about you just not have the entire campaign rendered in the background? How can you possibly not have enough room to swap out text? It’s unbelievable. You’ve been able to do that since DOS. 343, you work for Microsoft. Figure it out.


LSS isn’t a highly populated playlist but I still enjoy the adrenaline as do others.

It’s not super popular, but it’s worth keeping. It would have performed MUCH better if you could play it with friends.

That’s the real shame with it.




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So much of this game would be better if they hadn’t made it the most anti-social Halo yet.

Now they are also applying the CSR limits for teammates to the Open Ranked playlists. So there will be even less that friends can do together. Somehow, I don’t think that will help keep people playing.

It’s not a population problem specifically for LSS. It’s that 343 don’t want to have more than a few modes because they’re worried about population divide.

You won’t miss it, but when you get a game mode you love on there and then they take it away, you’ll be making the same post. It sucks that they can’t just add modes and keep them. I don’t like most options available, so I just don’t play.

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