Were lessons not learned from H5’s launch?

I really do enjoy Infinite and I think that the game has really solid bones. However, the lack of variety in multiplayer hurts, especially after 343 received criticism for having H5 launch barebones. Why is it that modes that have been a staple of Halo are not in the game? Are they going to use them as live events as they did fiesta so that they can boast about having new content? If so that’s the wrong way to go about it. 343 should start out strong with the number of modes and over time condense them, not start out small and grow larger.

We know there’s at least two other modes in the game attrition (the one we saw in the trailer) and elimination (a breakout successor?) yet we cant play them nor know when they will be available to us. It’s just a shame that it seems feedback was listened to for everything except launch content in multiplayer. I don’t want to have to wait for some event just to be able to play more game modes, only for them to go away after the event leaves.


I’m very concerned about this. If they don’t introduce a change to the playlists once December 8th rolls around I’ll play the campaign and walk.

I did it for 5, I’ll do it for Infinite. I’m only dealing with it now, under the pretense that this is a MP beta and its probably easier to gather data in this condensed format. But if the “conspiracy theories” about this being used to have people buy Challenge Swaps, end up being true, I’m out.


I agree, I think launching Halo Infinite’s multiplayer with a “focused offering” is the wrong approach. When Halo 5 launched, people tried it but saw there were only a few game modes, and left and never came back. This did long-term damage to that game’s population size. If they really want Halo Infinite to last for ten years, then they can’t mess around with that again