Were it so easy

…to have fun with Halo now. I come from the generation that started playing CE when it first came out and I was 10 years old. I can say that I’m pretty competent when it comes to Halo and I always have been. But Halo 5 is the first Halo game that I can say I’ve almost given up on. Since the new turn towards teamwork oriented gaming, I find myself losing more games than any other Halo and not because of my own lack of skill but because I don’t play with my own team. I have since tried to work togther with these randoms resulting in alot of assists, or choose to take the defensive position in CTF or ASSAULT etc. when my team chooses to run around with no sensible strategy. And you know what? I still take more losses than wins, and I completely understand and agree with the team mechanic having the upper hand because of their communication and teamwork. I have since not even touched any ranked arena playlist.

The problem is, although I’m good and I know these things and I try to work as a good teammate, I’m not and will continue to not be a part of a good squad. Because I’ve grown up now. I have a job, a family, I have responsibilites apart from Halo now and can only get on every so often. And nobody wants to add an inconsistent player to their team and thus, I will continue to lose and continue to not have fun.

Pretty much, I’m a good player. I will have your back and will strategize with you and communicate with you no problem. And if you can deal with me not getting on consistently then add me as a buddy and we’ll do this thing…but were it so easy…

I bet you could find a Spartan Company with a bunch of active members willing to help you, I know there’s quite a few that don’t care about skill.

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> I bet you could find a Spartan Company with a bunch of active members willing to help you, I know there’s quite a few that don’t care about skill.

This. Or you can do what I do and just party up with random players in your game that are actually being team players and communicating. Every night that I play, I end up with a group of 4 or 5 guys that I just met that night over the course of a few games.

I like you have a Wife, Child and Job in that order. Gaming is the only hobby I have and can keep due to life’s duties. I can do that while at home, while other hobbies require you to leave such as fishing, hunting, golf. I normally only play on Saturday afternoons. I will occasionally sneak in a match or two when I get home on Mondays or Thursdays, but I’m very inconsistent on those days about getting on. You placed Diamond in Swat before. That tells me you have potential. In the few matches you have played in other gametypes you have respectable stats. Feel free to add me. You can team up with me if you see me on.

I’m in the same boat, man. It is frustrating, especially when I think back on the old Halo:CE LAN parties. I’ll add you. I don’t mind if you’re inconsistent. Just know, anytime I’m playing Halo, you can send me an invite, and I’ll be there.

Same, Im 22, married and a new daddy, I work monday to saturdays, I usually have time to play but not all the time because I get tired helping with my child, I wanna game with online friends, sometimes I feel like I should do other things but I grew up playing halo 2 since now, Im a ok halo player, I dont wanna give up on that. adulting is hard.

OP, I have the same problems. Or, rather, I had the same problems.
I’ve been playing since the beginning and my skill at Halo was a source of pride (I was never even close to pro, but I didn’t personally know anyone better than me and I was always an asset to my team).
These days I’m in my upper 30’s, a homeowner, full-time working stiff, and a family man. This leaves me very little time to play and even when I do have the time I might be reluctant to play a few matches just because there is always something else more important to be done. It gets hard to justify making time to play a video game when you have all these responsibilities that need your attention.
The only way I was able to get past this and start enjoying Halo again was to just stop caring. Commendations, KDR, rank–these things mean nothing to me now. Because of this, the biggest difference from how I used to play to how I play now is that I still have fun even when I’m losing.
Also, don’t be worried about disappointing teammates. The MM system has worked so well for me that I usually end up matched with people around my skill level so I end up doing relatively well.

tl;dr: I’m too old and have too many important things going on to worry about my Halo skill. Letting go has made Halo much more fun for me.

Anyone dealing with this problem should join the company I started back when Halo 5 launched… The Spartan Dads are a bunch of great guys who see gaming as a hobby at this point and prioritize life > family > relationships > work > etc. prior to it. We play somewhat scattered times because we still consider ourselves a “casual” company, but that said, we have 400 members spread across Spartan Dads 1, 2, 3, and 4 (all sister companies). We’d love to have anyone in that boat! Just message me and I’ll get you in if you’re interested.

I have the same problem brother, I can’t play nearly as much as I would like. I posted on the Spartan Company forum explaining my situation, which is very similar to yours, and was approached by a bunch of companies who don’t care about your stats or how often you play. Feel free to add me too, I’ll run with you.

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> I’m in the same boat, man. It is frustrating, especially when I think back on the old Halo:CE LAN parties.

Oh man, the old days…

I still find Halo 5 really fun, but I like the old social systems and this game is certainly competitively focused over the mixed bag approach of the previous entries.

Every now and then I like to watch those Making of Halo 2 videos and I get genuinely sad when I see the Halo CE LAN parties in community member’s basements. That was part of the reason that Halo became the name it is today; people could throw massive LAN parties and have fun chilling with old friends, just shooting each other until the soft-drink rush ran out in the early hours of the morning.
Then you have Halo 5 in which you can’t LAN or splitscreen and it just feels like it’s missing that “soul” that gave Halo its chance to rise to one of the most iconic game franchises ever.

Xbox Live is great, but nothing can replace that feeling of being surrounded by your friends, screaming and laughing at the endless matches of slayer. I think my favorite moments in gaming will forever be memories of a time when games allowed us to choose our level of interaction with others.

Thanks for the responses guys. I’ll add those of you who indicated to me that I could. Anyone else who wants me to just message me separately. Feel free to keep this post going too so anyone else in the same boat who sees this later can have something to look for.