Were do I post my Xbox One ideas?

Hello I wanted to know were do I post my ideas that I would like to see on the Xbox One?

I remember a while back ago there was a place for this but now its gone. So I was wondering do I post them here or somewhere else. Because most of them could be put into the Halo 5 section but others could be for Halo 6 or something else.

For future titles, General Discussion. You’re here now!

For Halo 5: Guardians and The Master Chief Collection? In their retrospective sections.

Here! What are your ideas man/woman?

Yeah really … you couldn’t have given us a little taste of your idea?

Yeah, probably just go to the Guardians (H5) forum.

You stated that some of your ideas would be for Halo 6, but H5 isn’t for over another year, so why is it too late to post them?

And, if you’re just stuck on where to post it, I say post your future ideas in the Guardians forums, and if it doesn’t belong, I’m sure a mod will move where they find it past! Not to worry! :slight_smile:

For Halo-related Xbox One suggestions, the best place would be here on the Waypoint forums/ However, for general Xbox One feedback, Microsoft has set up a dedicated page here.