We're building a new Renova. Voice your ideas

Teetmare and I are working on a new version of Renova from Halo: Reach.

We’re hoping to make it better and more fun than ever, for that we need your help!

What did you like about renova?

What did you dislike?

What would you remove completely?

What would you keep?

Here are some early pictures. The 3 story base is just a place holder for now.

| To answer your questions:

  • It seems like a good 4v4 map, good for SWAT, Team Slayer and maybe some objective games.
    I enjoy all of those.
  • The map seems to be tilted from what I can see in the first photo.
    Not sure if that was intentional or just the camera angle.
    If it is tilted you may want to fix that.
  • I’d need to see the map finished and play test it before fully objecting to removing anything.
  • Keep what you have until you’re finished.

The map looks good so far. Just keep up the work and posting your progress. |

/Tuo Silentium Mortis

/Semper Vigilans