Wep pad glitch energy sword + gun bayonet

has any one else tried making a energy sword with zero starting ammo, then putting a bayonet on, to end up having basically a bayonet in your hand like a combat knife of sorts? It only works with the knight blade, no energy bayonet on your energy sword handle like a mini energy shiv, but still looks very cool with knitght blade, the only problem is it does no damage. For some reason energy sword out of ammo does normal melee damage but if you put a bayonet on the sword then when it has no ammo it does zero damage, any one else saddened that this very cool looking w pad glitched weapon is not functional? If you have not tried this i suggest you do, if this did damage it would be amazing for mini games and fun for messing around with

you can assassinate with it though, It does the energy sword assassination