Welp! Aimbotters are already here

I don’t think cross-play should be in Halo infinite’s multiplayer maybe in the custom matches where it’s a game match where friends invited one another that’s different that should be allowed but in matchmaking it should match you with other xbox players or other PC players.

I love when they say a game is console exclusive but feel the need to include PC players as part of that exclusive. I understand that it was announced early on, in 2018, that PC would be included, but the original announcement video from E3 2018 showed it as “Exclusive” to Xbox, and I feel it should’ve stayed that way at launch. I chose my platform just as PC players chose theirs. Halo=Xbox. Halo Infinite is not exclusive to Xbox consoles, understood, but should be! IMO. There are plenty of exclusives that one can only play on PC, or even PS5 for that matter, but nowadays exclusive usually includes PC players who get the best of both worlds, despite what gaming console it releases on. Regardless, my gaming platform of choice, for 20 years, has been XBOX. I’ve owned PC’s and PS’s before, but always put favor to my pretty black and green box.

I agree that the problem with cheating surrounds the PC community. I also understand that not everyone on PC cheats, but they have the capability to, far easier than console players. That’s why I will always stand firm that games must have the option for cross play. It’s becoming the norm now that PC players will be able to play whatever “exclusive” is released. That’s fine with me. Honestly. But don’t force me to play with PC players. I think, in today’s world, more gamers choose to play on PC and that’s why newer games released are developed with them in mind. I wouldn’t put it behind Microsoft to drop the console, eventually, and strictly cater to the PC world. Nonetheless, let the players choose if they prefer to cross play.

The debate on controller input mods is, in my opinion, in a different category. There are several different controller setups, as well as mouse setups that support a better, or particular, play style depending on the genre of game. But, for example, to mod a controller to turn a semi automatic weapon to full send is considered cheating to most. Console players don’t readily have the capability to shoot through walls across the map and one shot someone with a water pistol. A lot of PC players do, to a point, if not the thousands of other ways they can find a way to cheat or hack or take advantage of someone.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get backlashes, for having an opinion, from some kid going through puberty who can’t control their emotions.

Played my first game of the day today and wouldn’t you know it watched the replay and sure enough the kid was using aimbot + wall hacks. Game is dead.

Thinking it would be pretty neat to call in a tactical brick strike on all proven cheaters, the thing with F2P games is even if you ban someone they can just get back in with another account and we are right back to where we started, the anti-cheat system isn’t coming in clutch with Infinite if there are already proven cheaters running around so bricking a pc or two would maybe motivate people to not pay for cheat software like the low-lives they are lol. Last thing this game needs is to be another Warzone with cheaters running rampant while 343 tries to figure out what to do with the anti-cheat.

Edit: Before anyone says anything I know they can’t legally brick a machine but it would be nice if they could lol at the very least hardware ban people for cheating so if they wanted to play they would still need to buy new hardware and that financial choice would hopefully make them feel like buying cheat software is too risky.

I’m the original OP.

I see a lot of calls for evidence from the theatre. Honest reason why I don’t have it is that I’ve played too many games since and wouldn’t even know where to start to find the right recordings. Might sound like a cop-out, but that’s the only answer I’ve got this many games later.

However, I did some digging to confirm whether aimbot hacks are available, and found them with a single google search. They’re available, and with game clip evidence to prove to potential buyers that they work. The package comes with an aimbot, radar buff, and visuals enhancer (including shield- and health-bars for opponents).

Full disclosure: I didn’t find anything for the bottomless magazine, but I’m not ruling it out. Idk how else to explain 1 enemy dropping 4 full-health players with 1 AR magazine while being shot by all 4 of us.

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