Well this sucks

Hey guys, I bet some of you guys are going to say cool story bro, but I am going to tell anyway.

It was on a monday October
29, 2012. I was playing reach it was night. The power outage happened. Everything suddenly shut down. When I looked outside there was a tree hanging on the power lines. Man the wind is strong hurricane sandy doesen’t joke around well. Anyway it seems like I can’t play halo 4 until this friday… Well that is what conedison told me when I should get power back. I have to use a car charger to charge my phone in the car. Anyway I wouldnt be able to make this post without 3G…

Cool story bro.

Too bad :frowning: sry about that my friend

Lots of players affected by Sandy

Sad story bro.

> Cool story bro.

Dont listen to him^^^^

Hey we all know that Sandy hasnt been kind but we hope you are unharmed and get back to Halo ASAP!

Sandy has been causing a lot of problems. Hope you power gets fixed sooner then expected.

Im guessing that Sandy has affected a few Midnight launches

Look on the bright side: all you lost was power and you are still alive. And you have something to look forward to when you get power back.

Good luck man.