Well, the lag is getting ridiculous in Warzone.

It has been kicking me out from Warzone games quite a lot, often there are seemingly no problems and suddenly it begins to lag or directly drops me from the match, the last weekend was so bad that I was banned and still was able to play a last match before the banhammer could do any effect. Today it kicked me out again many times and I did only quit from one that was already started and in which my team was utterly bashed, then I joined to a semi-decent started game and finished it, then after the cinematic of the Pelicans leaving instead of my performance it showed a warning that the connection was lost and it sent me back to the main menu and gave a 3 hours ban… seriously?

I think they should fix their servers and do something regarding the in-progress games (that either put you on a loser team or on a match that is horribly lagging) or soften the stupid banhammer.

They opened up the servers to the rest of the world. So the off time in the U.S. is more focused towards those in Asia and Europe. That’s why there are lag issues.

Lag has been getting really bad. One of the guys in our company got kicked out of two games in a row (so he stopped playing for a while to avoid a ban). But even when it isn’t kicking people, it causes rubber-banding and throws off TTK – and that’s the worst part. I haven’t played a game in weeks that didn’t feel like I was outgunning people and still being two-shotted. Likely the game just isn’t showing that I’m being hit until I’m already dead, BUT THAT’S A -Yoinking!- PROBLEM. And when it shows me that I’ve landed a hit with every pull of the trigger, but my opponent doesn’t die, that’s also a problem.

I hope they get their -Yoink- sorted soon. I’d like to stop feeling like Paper Chief.

I agree. Over the past week I have noticed a large increase in the amount of lag for both Arena & Warzone.

I hope 343i can quick fix this.

Yup, more lag, a lot of lag. I have a wired connection, and have never seen as much lag as the past couple of days.