Well thanks 343

Because I can’t seem to do anything, i swear they spend $2 a month for the dedicated servers,
“There was an issue with the halo 5 servers”

This is why I hate dedicated servers, companies always cheap out of that -Yoink-, i’ve never had a problem with halo 4 or reach, never was laggy, only the few new host thing, the dedicated servers are just in general -Yoink-, you can’t even play forge offline… and whats the bet that will be the same for windows 10

Well, it’s the 343 curse… maybe H6 will get better servers.

Are you serious. You think host servers are better than dedicated servers. And on top blaming it on 343? Do understand that Microsoft owns the servers, not 343. Dedicated servers are significantly better for close and restricted nats and disables host advantages. If there was an issues with the dedicated servers than there would most likely be issues with XBL servers. i highly recommend checking your own network and nat type before blaming others