Well prgression has stopped for me

Done all the weekly challanges so now i cant progress my battle pass other than playing 20 games for each level… like really? Up to 4 or 5 hours per level???

I think i might actaully just be done qith the game in all honesty. Its so sad to see my favourite franchise ripped apart like this.

Halo fans never asked for it to be f2p. Yet the only ones that miss out are the fans that have bought every single game. How can you make both the worst and best halo at the same time???


This is the sort of stuff they need to make a public address about. If they want to prove that their “transparency” is anything more than marketing, then they need to explain in exact detail what their intentions are.

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They have a long road ahead fixing progression. There is much that needs to be done imo:

  • Some kind of system that converts match score into XP at a decent rate, either that or giving XP for each medal earned, with rarer medals granting more XP
  • A way to earn store credits in-game, even if it’s pretty slow earning in order to encourage microtransaction buying
  • Better weekly challenges. Remove some of the really hard ones, and give larger XP rewards for harder weekly charges compared to the easy ones
  • A lifetime career progression system with rewards like cosmetics, XP boosts, and challenge swaps, in addition to the current seasonal battlepasses
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Honestly it feels like the game isnt finished. Maybe they would have been better to delay it again. I know its not what anyone wants but the gane feels so bare bones and its hard not to compair it to the other halo games.

I think the core is solid. But everything else feels like artificial fluff to hide the lack of content.

Just remember that 343 launched with this horrible progression system on purpose, knowing full well how bad it was.

A little off topic, but did you get an achievement when you completed the Ultimate challenge?

Yeah i got the achievement

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What battle pass level are you at the moment?

Don’t forget we’ve got a few months before the next one so I’m sure you’ll progress through it fine in that time as each week’s challenges come out, don’t worry.

Yeah, the ultimate challenge counts as a ‘time-limited’ challenge.

Oh i know. I gave feedback from both flights…

Yes, it’s the Limited Addition achievement.

Its not about where i am. Its about the lack of reward for continuing to play. I was 26 when i ran out of challanges. Pretty much had double xp the whole time

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