We'll likely never get traditional playlists

Just the existence of the challenge swap alone makes it pretty obvious we’re going to be stuck with a single playlist for a long time. The way the challenge system is designed along with the battle pass and the challange swaps is keyed in to make us keep playing.

If we could select what game mode we wanted to play we would clear the battle pass too fast making the challenge swap item useless and the whole “don’t want to split the community” nonsense is the biggest joke of an excuse on the planet. Halo has been “splitting” the community for years perfectly fine.

Sadly 343 cares little about players like me who will never purchase a battlepass or spend any money in the game store. I don’t have a problem with the game f2p, but I also don’t enjoy being punished for trying to play a game I would have happily spent $70 on for the full package.

I don’t want to play oddball, I don’t want to play stronghold. CTF is ok sometimes. I want to play slayer, swat, team doubles, snipers etc…Makes me sad that a game from 17 years ago had more community features than a modern Halo game that is force feeding us into a single playlist.


At first I thought it was an oversight, but it really does feel like this is by design, the reason people leave matches constantly is to find the mode they need for their challenges, this is a problem 343i created & all to pursue the purchase of challenge swaps & tier skips

It’s just stunning that we can’t even cure for Slayer in a Halo game.


Ya the more you look at it the more you can tell its definitely intentional and has nothing to do with being a “beta.” Its sad really because I want to like the game, but I can only stomach oddball in ranked play so many times.


It is all by design. They knew what they were doing, creating a problem and selling the solution.


It’s so painfully obvious how many ways they designed this game to try and get people to spend just a little bit more money.

“It’s free to play, just buy the battlepass even though you already spent $60 on the campaign”
“Don’t like a certain challenge? Just buy a challenge swap and skip it”
“Want the color white? Just spend $20”

I seriously have no idea how anybody is defending this crap.

Free to play was a mistake. Until a proper progression/unlock system is implemented that’s completely separate from the battlepass I likely won’t be touching Halo Infinite again. Not even going to be buying the campaign like I originally planned. 343 has shown their true colors and I refuse to support it.


They need to sell the solution faster otherwise this game will start hemorrhaging players if it hasn’t already.


They’ll have to publicly justify it eventually.

No one buys the “population” excuse. I’m afraid that dog don’t hunt.


It’s barely been 2 weeks, they’re probably going to cycle certain playlists in and out every other week.

I’m not saying I agree with it fully, but just having a bajillion playlists on a soft launch doesn’t make sense when you need to stress test/monitor things.

They’re expecting to onboard even more people on Dec 8th, plus given the franchise has been effectively MIA for several years you’re going to have freshies coming in. Funnel them into some basic playlists and then cycle in additional playlists that change with the week. That way you get people to try stuff and keep things fresh.

The tactical and cyber events aren’t up for a bit and there’s probably several more being readied.

Given the leaks can’t be stopped, maybe Snicker wants to tease something about playlist events? :stuck_out_tongue:


Rotating playlists, and event playlists are fine…

When we have more than 3 playlists and 8 modes, almost all of which are Objective based zero way to select a mode, zero playlists that aren’t combined with objective and non-objective game modes.

They’ve failed to deliver us CORE playlists and game modes that have been staple for years, for the sake of “holding newbies hands until they understand that halo has a ton of variety to offer in game play types”. Nah.

They’re creating FOMO for LTEs by tying fan favorite playlists/modes to them instead of letting us choose how we’d like to spend out time, because subsequently it drives more sales for challenge swaps, xp boosters, xp grants, and cosmetics.

Soft Launch or no, they’ve stated this is the Day 1 Launch content and what we can expect from Season 1. So until they publicly state that they have more playlists and modes for us on Launch, then we can all rightfully be miffed that this is how they’re handling things, because it clearly exists to support the monetization scheme.


And I hope it slaps them across the face. I don’t want to see Halo do poorly, but I want to see this trash system even less. Hopefully enough players stop playing the game to make them realize this is a mistake.


Ok? But I don’t want rotating playlists. Event type playlists is cool and al, but I want slayer, swat, doubles etc…to all be standard playlists like they have been for as long as I can remember.

And I highly doubt the player count is going to increase on Dec 8th. Anyone who’s wanting to play the game can literally play it right now. Campaign launch isn’t going to magically bring more MP players into the mix of a mode thats free to download and play.


Then we keep asking till they give it to us.
We always had Objective Playlists and Slayer Playlists and that never was an issue.

The fact that you don’t even a choice right now is a huge problem. In fact, a huge problem with Infinite in general is a huge lack of choice.

  • You can’t choose what sort of Emblem design you want, compared to previous Halos
  • You can’t choose your colour combinations
  • You can’t choose a wider array of Spartan bodies
  • You can’t choose your playlists
  • You can’t choose your playstyle (cos challenges)
  • You can’t choose your ideal armor combination (because armor cores)

This entire lack of choice just feels like dirt and no matter how good Infinite is gameplay wise, it will stick out as a sore point because previous Halos never did this to us.


Please 343 let us choose what game type we want to play. I want to play slayer but I rarely get to play it and it is making me want to stop playing the game.


Ya I was really hoping to get back into Halo and I really enjoy the gameplay of infinite, especially after how bad H5 was. I don’t really like going back to older games, but since I have gamepass maybe I’ll just install MCC and play some H3/Reach and hope sometime down the road infinite gets a proper playlist update.


I keep both updated and play both in tandem to keep myself from burnout.
God bless Custom Browser on MCC. :pray:


Just like Putting 90% of armor cosmetics behind a paywall.

All intentional they had the perfect formal with reach to go off of and they knew it but they went with let’s take money from players for something that is so essential to Halo.

It’s equivalent to Activision making players buy every single attachment for the each weapon.

And not making those attachments interchangable between SMG’s that is their armor cores… Oh this Scope only works on this rifle but the AK yea that’s a different weapon core so you have to buy the same scope separately for that one.


I didn’t buy the pass either and don’t plan on to, especially seeing what 343 is offering. No why did they create an “incentive” for me to even want to.

Money has never been an issue with me no matter the cost of a game as long as the amount of content, and items offered with the content is worth the price. Now that will vary from person to person, but for me, it’s more about the quality of work and if the content is going to keep me engaged in that content.

The one thing I’m not liking is the controling in this game, not having the freedom to play what I want to play. There should always be that players choice.

All modes are selected for you whether it’s Big team battle or 4v4. To make matters worse, how many months do I have to wait for the forge world, and is the campaign going to have enough content to hold players over for that long knowing things are being drip-feed?


Why would they add composer in MCC not only so late in its life cycle, but MCC isn’t a free game? It’s absolutely a joke for them to say that about the newest Halo out that’s also FtP.

They’re likely focusing on metrics. Don’t expect launch on the 8th to be like this.


I’m locked into a “Drop into wrong gamemode, leave match, try again” loop this playlist system is ATROCIOUS.

And now I’m banned, with only hours left before the weekly challenges reset with only “Reset the flag 10 times” challenge remaining before whatever the final bullsh*t challenge would’ve been…

343i wtf are you doing over there? Am I gonna have to come over and sort this out? I’m not that far away.

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