Well I've Officially Uninstalled Halo Infinite

The game obviously launched in a rough state but the update that saw a ban to geo-filtering changed something and has made the game completely unplayable. While I do not have a router that supports geo-filtering it’s obvious that allowing people in lower populated regions to do so was a good thing. Because now desync is beyond horrible. Coupled with the fact that we still have zero fix to aim assist on PC it’s just impossible to play.

I went from being killed a few inches behind walls to literal feet. Sometime upwards of a good solid six feet behind cover since the geo-filter update. I’ve also on a few rare occasions killed someone else a good thirty seconds after shooting them. Which just shows how horrible desync really is on both sides. All of this with fiber-optic internet and living several hours away from a Halo data center.

The fact it has taken this long to fix basic networking issues is why I have decided to uninstall. I can easily deal with missing content. That’s fine. But I can not deal with unplayability. I have never in my life been so pissed off or even hated a Halo game as much as I do Infinite. Twenty years of deep routed loyalty to my all time favorite franchise has come to this. I just can’t do it anymore.

Fixes that need immediate attention more then any content:

  • Desync, It’s taken/taking way too long 343. This game shouldn’t have even been approved for release with this kind of issue.
  • Aim assist on PC. I understand the mkb vs controller debate. It’s been a part of FPS games for decades. But Halo is a console game and has been for twenty years. Controller should not suffer intentional design decisions to cater to mouse and keyboard. All playlists should have a preferred input option. Period.

Issues with aim assist are as follows:

  • lose aim assist when shields are broken
  • lose aim assist at different FOV’s
  • lose aim assist when jumping
  • Weaker aim assist when firing weapons
  • Anti-aim assist. Most likely caused by desync/latency

I know the teams are heard at work making changes to this game. I am confident it will eventually be good. But until the very basic issues listed above are fixed I have to put this game down. It’s the most unfun and unenjoyable gaming experience I’ve ever had.


Ok :+1:


I’m still not experiencing desync, even when I play with Canadian/American players.

I realise it’s an actual issue, they’ve commented on it themselves. Just unbelievable how prevalent it seems to be for a lot of players.

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Everyone is experiencing desync whether you’re aware of it or not. Even at HCS LAN they were experiencing desync. On LAN! It’s part of the games netcode. Not people’s region/internet.


Same here. In addition to constantly getting placed into games way above my weight class, the severs issues are far worse now than prior to the patch. I hope they can get things fixed, I really want this game to be good and thrive, I am done playing the beta.


The lack of proper aim assist for controller players is insane by a game with so much history on consoles, especially in the ranked modes where it pits controller players only against other controller players!

That coupled with the horrible network issues and the fact the dev team took a vacation when BTB was literally unplayable is just unacceptable. It took them over 2 full months to get the game mode playable again and the player base is now only peaking at just over 16k on steam which is embarrassing (yes I know some people play through the Microsoft launcher but these numbers are just pathetic for a Halo title).

The real nail in the coffin though for me is the challenges. I literally HATE teammates that go for challenges at the expense of winning the game which is EVERY GAME. I have had teammates tell me in text/voice they don’t care about the objective because they need to get 5 more kills with a certain weapon to get a stupid skin.
Remember the Halo 2, 3, etc days when the point of matchmaking was to play as a team and win instead of going for challenges and throwing the match? 343 has effectively killed the Halo franchise.


I’m sure you are it’s probably just not as noticeable. It seems to vary player to player. For me in November and December I don’t really notice it much. Few games here and there but when the geo-filtering update happened in January it increased the desync so bad for me that I will now watch rockets disappear mid air.

I couldn’t agree more. I have this same issue all day long.

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I am also unistalling Infinite. I used the 3 months of Game Pass trial to try the game and actually loved teh core gameplay, visuals and story, but…

The campaign is quite shallow, with no mission that stands out, and there’s no coop campaign or other PvE mode. And PvP still lacks fun modes like Infection and Race. Also the prices in the store are just outrageous.

I’ll reinstall it in a few months or next year, depending of the news.


Not enough for me to even give it a second thought.

Is beating somebody down and it not registering what you call desync?

I’ve only really noticed it this weekend.

Although a warthog did bounce off my head and I survived, but I feel that was a miracle not desync.

I read through the topic and said all I felt was needed to say. Kind of a waste of time to try and debate them going back into the game.

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I already uninstalled Halo (In)finite in January and I have not reinstalled the game since then. What a disaster this game has been in every aspect.


That’s Nice :+1:

I am a 71 year old gamer NO BS. I have always been taught by my parents that “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAT WORDS!” So far I have not seen any real fixes thus far. So 343i can say any thing they want. So I don’t read anymore info from 343i. I will just kick back and see what happens in the future. The ball is in 343i court. Lets see what they do with it. :frowning:

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Hopefully you’ll find your way back into the fold some day, till then have fun